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Temporary reprieve and a conversation

Wladyslaw Eugeniusz Sikorski This is Wladyslaw Sikorski, Polish military leader and sometime head of the Polish government in exile. Or rather, it is a statue of him. This statue, and the next, may tell you where I went this morning. … Continue reading

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Goodbye to Harley Street

Harley Street, Regent’s Park end Yes, my adventures in Harley Street have come to an end, and sooner than I expected, though, since I still have all my original teeth, no one can tell what the future may hold. If … Continue reading

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More complicated than we thought

My trip to the dentist contained both the expected and the unexpected. I had never before been to the famous Harley Street (the legendary street in which the top practitioners of private medicine are thought to have their consulting rooms) … Continue reading

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Root causes

I said yesterday that there would be no question of my lying in today and that I would tell you in due course the reason for this. Here is the explanation. A decade and a half ago, I suffered an … Continue reading

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On the teeth of a dilemma

Today was the day for my appointment with the dentist, my first appointment for 4 years. I was not looking forward to it. When I arrived at the practice at 9:55 for my 10 am appointment, the waiting room was … Continue reading

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Of creationism and dentistry

As I mentioned in my previous post, my dentist proceeds at a leisurely pace. As I believe punctuality to be a virtue, I usually arrive a few minutes before the scheduled time of the appointment and this means I have … Continue reading

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Of pain and dentistry

I must admit, with a tinge of embarrassment, that my dental care is supplied, not by our beloved NHS but by a private dentist, courtesy of Denplan. The reason for this is that some years ago I suffered a sudden … Continue reading

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