The City of London – A Brief Introduction

The City of London, also popularly known as “The Square Mile” because its area is almost exactly one square mile, is a county within Greater London. It is governed by the City of London Corporation and its ceremonial leader is the Lord Mayor of the City of London. Officers of its police force, which is distinct from the Metropolitan Police, are recognizable by the unusual red and white chequered bands around their caps. (In other police forces these bands are black and white.)

The City of London is largely coincident with the Londonium of the Romans, founded around AD50. Sections of the Roman and later medieval walls are still to be found. The boundaries of the City are still largely what they were in Medieval times.

The City contains many of the famous and historical sights of London that attract visitors, such as St Paul’s Cathedral, Tower Bridge and the Tower of London.

The City is London’s money market and business centre. The Bank of England, among other important financial institutions, resides here.

For further information see here.

The following map shows the boundaries of the City of London. (The red dots are the locations of artworks in Sculpture in the City 2014.)

Boundary Map of the City of London
Boundary Map of the City of London
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