Frustration at Curry’s

As I recounted on July 29th (see A week to forget), I took my Dell laptop back to Curry’s because the original fault – which they claimed to have repaired – had reappeared. By dint of insistence, I managed to get them to take it in for repair again. I was told by text yesterday that the laptop was ready for collection.

Morning in Chapel Market
Morning in Chapel Market

This morning, I went first to the post office in Chapel Market. Curry’s had persuaded me, against my better judgement, to pay for one month of “Currys Care”, supposedly because that would gain me certain benefits if ever they failed to repair the computer within 10 days. I then received a letter saying that they would be taking monthly premiums from my bank account until July 2028! Unless, that is, I notified them in writing to discontinue the policy. Hence my visit to the post office – to send the required letter by “Signed-for” post to be sure that they could not pretend never to have received it.

Aboard the 73
Aboard the 73

Having done that, off I went on the number 73 bus to Tottenham Court Road.

Arriving at Curry’s
Arriving at Curry’s

I reached the store just after 10 am when they open. I half expected them to be closed just to frustrate me. Guess what happened next.

Frustrated again
Frustrated again

I went to the repairs counter and found the above notice. I called for a manager. The manager could do nothing to help (well, what do you expect at Curry’s?). He did say that there should be someone available to hand back my computer after midday. In the meantime, I have returned home again. I will have lunch and then try again.

The intelligent thing to do would be to phone the store and ask if there is now someone available but… have you ever tried phoning Curry’s? They do not reveal any phone numbers for individual stores. Going down several layers on their website, you can find a general number: 0344 561 0000.

This gets you into the familiar “Press 1 for this”, “Press 2 for that”, etc spiral. I tried various combinations and eventually, after typing in the repair number and my phone twice, was connected to a person. I explained that all I wanted was to know whether there was someone at the store able to hand me back my computer. The answer was only to be expected: “Er, we can’t actually contact individual stores…”

If there were such a thing as an industry prize for How Not To Run Customer Services, Curry’s would win with special mention in the category How to Frustrate the Customer.

There was nothing for it but to take the bus again…

I reached Curry’s and found a queue at the counter but at least there was someone on duty there. After a longish wait, it was my turn. I collected the hated laptop and went home.

p>Last time, they replaced drivers. This time they have replaced the touchpad and updated the BIOS. Do you get the impression, as I do, that they are stabbing in the dark, hoping to repair it more or less by accident? Time will tell whether they’ve been lucky this time around.

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4 Responses to Frustration at Curry’s

  1. Mike says:

    Next time (?) go to John Lewis.


  2. Sir Jack Tiverty says:

    Stabbing in the dark possibly, but if the symptoms are intermittent the technicians won’t always have the time to sit around waiting to see if it happens again (the poor chaps literally have equipment rolling in to them on conveyor belts at the Newark repair centre!)
    Fortunately, with them replacing the hardware this time, you are now entitled to a free 12-month repair warranty from the date of this repair against a repeat occurrence. No extended warranty required. If you find it bothersome to deal with the shop, you can alternatively use their webchat and even arrange a home collection/redelivery at no extra cost should another booking be required, although time slots as I remember are broad am/pm windows.


    • SilverTiger says:

      I can’t do anything about employees’ problems: that’s for them and their union (if they have one) to deal with. All I can do is to try to get Curry’s to make good the faulty product they have sold me, a simple task which is proving difficult.


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