The title of this post has a double meaning, as you will see. It refers, first, to the fact that we have done very little today – little worth recounting, at least – and so it is a short post.

Chapel Market
Chapel Market

At 11 am we set off via Chapel Market for our local Sainsbury’s supermarket to do our weekly shopping. The market was quite busy and recently seems to have recovered from the doldrums of the pandemic and returned to something more like its old size and vigour. Perhaps the weather too has something to do with it: I imagine that spending hours in cold, wet winter weather tending a stall is an uncomfortable pastime while in better weather it is more appealing.

In Sainsbury’s
In Sainsbury’s

Sainsbury’s was averagely busy for a Sunday morning. As usual, we knew what we wanted and each collected a list of items so that we had soon finished.

I did notice one worrying detail, however. This is that a number of products were not in their usual places and we had to hunt around for them. So what, you might ask? Stores often reorganise their shelves so that customers will see products they don’t usually buy and perhaps be tempted to try new things. I hope that’s the reason but it, together with other indications, makes me suspect that the real reason was to spread out the stock to fill shelves left empty by products that are unobtainable. As we head into recession, amid the chaos resulting from Brexit, I fear we shall face more and more such problems. We also see the upward creep of prices.

Carrying home the coffee
Carrying home the coffee

As usual, we called in at Mercer’s on the way home to pick up our coffees. Last week, I exchanged a full loyalty card for a free coffee but forgot to ask for a new one. This time, I obtained my new card, stamped to record last week’s purchase as well as this week’s. It’s nice when shops treat you both kindly and honestly.

So what about the second meaning of “short”? Here it is 🙂

”A number 4 all over”
”A number 4 all over”

Yes, it was time again to set shears to head for a haircut. We both have our hair cut at the same time. Among other things, it helps us remember when we last visited the barber and when lengthening hair requires another visit. They know us now and how we want the job done. Mine is simple: “a number 4 all over”. The digit refers to the length of the cutting blade used which, as you can see from the photo, cuts very closely. This gives me a couple of months of trouble-free hair care when even a comb is superfluous.

We are bracing ourselves for another heatwave in the coming week. We have things to do, though, and cannot stay at home with the electric fans, much as we might like to. If I find the energy, I will let you know what we get up to.

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I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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