Winter sunshine

Much as I deplore it and have kept pretending to myself that it isn’t happening, I have reluctantly to admit the approach of winter and all the unpleasantness that entails. In that connection, did you remember that the clocks went back this morning? If you remembered, perhaps you enjoyed an extra hour in your warm bed before facing the new day. If not, you might have wondered why all the shops and cafes were late in opening today.

As it is Sunday, we performed our usual shopping run to Sainsbury’s but I refrained from taking photos of it because I imagine you must be bored of seeing them by now. If not, let me know and I will start again 🙂

The day started dull and wet but things improved around lunchtime so we went out, heading for the deli, where we hoped to have coffee.

Sunlit tree
Sunlit tree

In Claremont Square, we stopped to admire this tree, prettily lit by sunshine.

Halloween decorations?
Halloween decorations?

We also spotted what appears to be an off-beat attempt at Halloween decorations.

At the deli, a disappointment awaited…

The notice Photo by Tigger
The notice
Photo by Tigger

The deli was closed! In the window was a notice informing us that the shop will be closed on Sundays throughout winter. Disappointing as this is, I understand perfectly well why they find it necessary. I expect that during the lockdowns and periods of various restrictions, they, like many businesses, enjoyed an upsurge in trade as people preferred to shop locally but now that people are returning to their previous habits, trade has fallen off and it’s no longer worth paying staff for the reduced amount of Sunday trade.

Unusually tall street tree
Unusually tall street tree

We set out to look for an alternative source of coffee, crossing Pentonville Road into Penton Street. It was Tigger who noticed how unusually tall for a street tree this individual is. How tall do you reckon it is? It reaches up beyond the fourth floor of the building beside it, a beautiful specimen, indeed.

Bonniuto’s delicatessen
Bonniuto’s delicatessen

We entered Chapel Market at the Penton Road end and eventually found Bonniuto’s Italian delicatessen and coffee house open. Inside, they had chairs and a sort of shelf for your coffee cup.

Coffee and fruit cake
Coffee and fruit cake

They served us coffee and slices of what I am tempted to describe as wicked fruit cake. Perhaps this will become our Sunday coffee oasis.

Packing up their stalls
Packing up their stalls

After that self-indulgent interval, we made our way home along Chapel Market. The remnants of the Farmers’ Market were clearing away their stock and dismantling their stalls. (See, I managed to include a market picture after all!)

We returned home where we will no doubt remain for the rest of today. Tomorrow starts a new working week and a new month. Its very name – November – makes me shiver in anticipation of winter cold. Here’s to the warmer days of spring and summer!

About SilverTiger

I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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