The Faults Manager

For the context of this post, see the previous four posts.)

Not having heard a peep from Zen following the departure of the Openreach engineer, yesterday, I phoned them this morning. When calling Zen, as with most companies, you have first to listen to the dratted menu and press the number for the service you require. Not hearing anything that seemed to match my needs, I asked for technical support.

The technical support lady was, as Zen operatives generally are, friendly, polite and ready to help. I outlined the problem and said I wanted to speak to someone with whom I could have a serious conversation about what was being done about it. The support person said she would try to contact the Faults Manager if I would kindly consent to being put on hold for a moment. Naturally, I agreed.

After a while, the support person returned to tell me that the Faults Manager would call me later in the day. They had first to contact Openreach to find times when an engineer would be available. Then they would contact me to make a definite appointment. This engineer, apparently, has be one who is specially trained in such matters.

I suspect that said engineer will arrive at the earliest next Monday, meaning that we will have at least three more days without connectivity. That makes the arrival this morning of the usual monthly rental invoice seem rather ironic. I think that when connectivity is finally restored, Zen should find some way to compensate us for the loss of service and its consequences.


The Faults Manager called me just after 11 am. He confirmed that a specialist engineer was needed but that a home visit would not be necessary. The job could be done at the “cabinet” (the green roadside control box). There’s a possibility that this could happen tomorrow or not until Tuesday. He will phone me later today to let me know exactly when it will be done.

In reponse to my question about compensation, I was told that this would be given at the rate of £8 for day without service, added as a credit on our landline phone bill.

I must say that I am sceptical that the problem will be resolved as easily as that. Equally, I will believe the story about compensation if and when I see the credit on our bill. Let’s hope my scepticism proves to be undfounded in both cases.

Either way, I will Let you know!

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