Supper at the hotel

We entered the dining room and approached the lady standing at a desk, obviously to receive such confused mortals as us.

It was explained that there was a buffet and you have to prepay at the bar. We did so, came back and presented our receipt. The only vegetarian item on the menu was vegetable curry. We should place our order with the lady at the desk and it would be brought to our table.

The dining room from our table
The dining room from our table

When the curry arrived, it contained chunks that were obviously meat. We called the lady at the desk. She agreed that it looked very much like meat. She took the curry back the kitchen. Later she returned, this time with the advertised vegetable curry. A cock-up in the kitchen, so to speak.

After the main course, we served ourselves dessert from the buffet then we sought coffee.

Barman: What can I get you?

S.T.: A latte and a black americano, please.

Barman: Oh no, sorry, mate, can’t do a black americano. Could do a cappuccino?

S.T.: Er, no. Do you do tea?

Barman: Yes, mate.

S.T.: What teas do you have?

Barman: Oh, all sorts. (Starts to reel off a list) … green tea…

S.T.: Fine, give me a green tea, please.

Barman: Oh, no. Sorry, mate, there isn’t any. See, it should here but there isn’t any.

S.T.: Fine just give me the latte.

We sat in the hotel lounge while Tigger ate her dessert and drank her latte and I wondered how a hotel could run things so ineptly. Then we ascended to our room where I had the cup of tea that the hotel bar had been unable to provide.

Tomorrow is our last day in Folkestone this time around. We have to check out by 10 am and our train departs at 16:13, so we will still have the morning and part of the afternoon here. How shall we fill that time?

About SilverTiger

I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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2 Responses to Supper at the hotel

  1. anagramelody says:

    The exchange with the barman seems reminiscent of the Monty Python Cheese Shop sketch with John Cleese and Michael Palin…


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