Off to Croydon

Well, why not? It’s been a while since we were there and today’s warm sunny weather invites to rambling further afield. But first…

Black Sheep
Black Sheep

But first, we stopped for coffee and croissants at the King’s Cross branch of Black Sheep.

Passing by King’s Cross Station
Passing by King’s Cross Station

Continuing after our coffee break, we passed by King’s Cross Station and entered St Pancras, descending to the lower level for the services to the south.

Our train arrives
Our train arrives

When the Brighton train arrived, we went aboard. It calls en route at Croydon.

Aboard the Brighton train
Aboard the Brighton train

We went aboard and found that there were plenty of vacant seats. There was a mixed feeling of familiarity (we have travelled this route many times) and strangeness (we haven’t travelled this way for such a long time).

Disembarking at East Croydon Station

Disembarking at East Croydon Station.

The Fifty-Pence Building

This building is known to some as the Fifty-Pence Building because each level has facets like the eponymous coin.

Porter and Sorter

The unusual name of this pub derives from the fact that it is virtually next door to the old post office and sorting office (now closed).

Croydon tram

Croydon is a city of trams and we have been on many tram rides but are not doing so today.

East Croydon Station

This is East Croydon Station, not the prettiest building in Croydon, nor, unfortunately, the ugliest.

Church of Christian Science

This purports to be the Church of Christian Science whatever that is. For my money, science and religion don’t mix.

Croydon's Crown Courts

This concrete bunker contains Croydon’s Crown Courts.

Vista of old and new

This view combines a mixture of old and new. No prizes for guessing which I prefer. Certainly not most of the new buildings that have less charm than the average cardboard box.

Croydon Town Hall

This is the Town Hall, the sort of building that pours balm on my spirit, rudely assaulted by ugly modernity.

War Memorial

This is the War Memorial, originally for World War I but, sadly, modified to include the Second. A monument to the sacrifice of many and to the stupidity of the human race.

Figure on War Memprial

One of the figures on the War Memorial. It speaks volumes if you let it.

Queen Victoria

The monument to Queen Victoria. The dates show that it was commissioned after her death.

Painting by Otto Schade

This is a large scale work of “street” art by Otto Schade aka Osch. I imagine a work of this scale must have been done to commission.

Old Department Store

This fine old department store seems to be slowly succumbing to less noble structures. The ground floor has alteady been vandalised.


These old almshouses are still in use as dwellings, I’m glad to see.

North End

We walked some way along this pedestrian-only road called North End. I’m sure it’s a wonderful place to do your shopping but, personally, I was glad to leave it.

Old Burton;s store

We spotted this old Burton’s store and looked for any foundation stones. We found none, no doubt because they have been obscured by the current ground-floor frontage.

Caffè Nero

When we had walked enough, we turned back towards the station and stopped off at Caffè Nero.

Inside Caffè Nero

I queued for coffee while Tigger found us a table. In this peaceful environment, I composed much of this post.

Ramp to the platforms

Back at the station, we walked down the long, sloping ramp to the platforms.

Railway lines from the footbridge

We had to change platforms via a footbridge from where I took a photo looking over the track.

Aboard the Bedford train

We reached the platform just as a train for Bedford arrived. We went aboard and found seats. Once more, the train was comfortably uncrowded.

The 214 arrives

We arrived without incident at St Pancras and went to wait for our ride home. Within a few minutes, a 214 arrived and whisked us back to the Angel. This ended our expedition.

Composed “on the hoof” in Croydon and on the way there and back.

About SilverTiger

I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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2 Responses to Off to Croydon

  1. How nice to wander along with you. Love the Black Sheep.
    Agree the old buildings seem to offer so much moire – a seasoning through the years, well grounded, solid. The new like flashy stage production sets…newly pretty, but we’ll see in a few years.
    You have an eye for taking pictures – always interesting textures, good design lines – squint and you have nice abstract art paintings.


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