Three photos

Today’s cloudy sun has raised the ambient temperature by another degree to 27° C (79° F). Any time now, I am going to start feeling anxious about global warming 🙂

We made do with a stroll straight to Myddelton’s and back. I had time for just for the three photos below.

Claremont Square
Claremont Square

In this photo we are looking along the lower side of Claremont Square (the upper end is bounded by the main road) with the reservoir on the right. We are looking directly towards the sun though this is momentarily veiled by clouds.

Being limited in our movements by the lockdown has made me concentrate on the neighbourhood and has enabled me to know it even better than before, a case of familiarity, far from breeding contempt, leading to a deeper understanding and appreciation.

Curvaceous tree
Curvaceous tree

In line with the above, I noticed today for the first time how picturesquely curvaceous this tree is. It makes me think of a giant version of a Japanese bonsai tree. What, I wonder, caused it to grow into this crooked but decorative shape? Now that I have noticed it, I shall look out for it and enjoy it each time I pass by.

Notices in the pub window
Notices in the pub window

I mentioned in An extra treat that the George and Monkey had reopened for takeaway service. These notices in the window spell out the terms of service. I expect you can read them (if you want to) so I won’t transcribe them.

We found our friends at Myddelton’s busy but as amiable as ever. Buying coffee has become a social event rather than merely a mundane shopping transaction!

About SilverTiger

I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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