Good Friday

Today is Good Friday, the bank holiday Friday that starts the Easter period. While a cynic might be tempted to look around at the state of the country and ask what is good about it, I am glad to say that that is not how I feel. For one thing it is a warm, sunny and spring-like day with temperatures in the low 20s C (upper 60s F) and I am spending it in good company, that is, with my beloved Tigger. What more could I reasonably ask for?

As has become our custom in these strange times, we put on our shoes and hats and ventured forth to take our daily exercise stroll.

St John Street
St John Street, looking towards the Angel crossroads

We took a turn down St John Street, historically an important route, as in times past cattle from northern districts were driven along here to meet their unhappy fate in Smithfield Market, a short bus ride further down the road.

As you can perhaps see, the street was fairly busy and we had our work cut out dodging passers-by, many of whom did not pay the scantest regard to the distancing rules. But, then, we are used to that by now and have learned to treat it as a game.

When the competition became a little too stiff, we turned off into Arlington Way and thence to Chadwell Street. A little more dodging and risking our lives by walking in the road brought us to Myddelton Square. The name at least will be familiar to you from my mention of St Mark’s Church yesterday.

Myddelton Square Gardens
Myddelton Square Gardens

The above photo gives you a glimpse of Myddelton Square Gardens, the park beside the church. Again, there were quite a few people in the gardens, some strolling or standing, but others sitting on benches and chatting to one another. I understand the temptation on a lovely day like today but… Well, I leave you to fill in what follows the “but”.

At the deli, we had to wait while customers inside completed their business and left and a second lot, waiting outside when we arrived, took their place. If nothing else, Coronavirus will have taught us a valuable lesson in patience.

With our precious cargo of coffee, we made our way home. Need I say that more dodging and weaving was necessary in order to avoid those who had apparently not heard of the pandemic? On the other hand, perhaps we should be grateful as it keeps us on our toes and renders each outing that much more memorable.

And so to back to our little flat which now seems as much a refuge as our home.

Tomorrow, as they say, is another day.

About SilverTiger

I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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