Birmingham and Wolverhampton

We have arrived at Moor Street Station rather than the main station, Birmingham New Street.

Moor Street is a fine old station which has, I am glad to say, been kept much in its original form.

Our first stop was here, at the Centenary Lounge, on the station, for a cup of tea. (Photo by Tigger.)

The heart of Birmingham is known as the Bullring and this sculpture is its very symbol.

Piccadilly, but not as we Londoners know it!

We stopped for lunch at an Italian restaurant and when we emerged, this was what we found.

It had startled to rain. We donned our raincoats and struck out bravely.

We passed Victoria Square, site of, among other buildings of interest, this one called the Council House.

We had had our lunch but this lesser black backed gull was about to scavenge for his. Bon appétit!

We decided to take the tram. Trams are making a comeback in many cities. They are versatile – able to travel through city streets or on repurposed suburban railway lines where they reach impressive speeds. The tram thus shares the qualities of both buses and trains.

We had hoped that this tram would carry us into Wolverhampton but this intention was frustrated by a road collision that forced the tram to stop short of its usual terminus. We left the tram at a stop called The Royal and set out on foot.

We eventually reached our destination which was Wolverhampton Art Gallery. Here are a few of the works we saw.

Likeness Guaranteed, David Mach, 1995

Moses, Philip John Evett, 1953

King Kong, Nicholas Monro, 1971

One of the galleries

Fountain, Minton, c.1880-4

If this suggests that my preferences in art, at least photographically, lie with sculpture and 3-dimensional objects, rather than with “flat art” such as paintings, then the suggestion is correct.

Leaving the gallery, we had to repeat our walk, albeit in reverse, to regain the tram stop at The Royal. Happily, the rain had stopped and the sun was shining.

This time, we stopped short of the terminus and left the tram at a stop adjacent to Snow Hill Station. As our tickets are for “Birmingham Stations” and not for a specific station we can board the London train here.

It was just as well that we did. Our train was the 17:52, right in the rush hour. We were able to find seats at Snow Hill but when the train reached Moor Street, there was standing room only.

About SilverTiger

I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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