God with flute

Angel Musician with flute

This sculpture stands, at the top of a pole, in the courtyard of a property or estate called Moretown. The sculpture is not labelled so I cannot credit the artist or name the subject. I am guessing that it represents the god Pan, although the instrument he is playing is a flute and not Pan pipes.

Moretown was not always so called. This pretentious name has been affixed fairly recently and on no better grounds than that Thomas More Street runs past on one side of it.

The name is inappropriate because this is no town nor yet anything like one. It consists of a number of office blocks containing offices for rent. It also boasts a branch of Pret A Manger and a Waitrose supermarket. A town, though, surely needs more than this, some dwellings, for example. It has none on these.

Still, let’s not split hairs, Moretown it is called and that’s that.

Nearby is St Katharine Docks which I photographed in a previous post.


The sculpture is by Carl Milles (1875-1955) and is entitled Angel Musician with Flute.

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