Trying to catch up

Monday, July 24th 2017

The other day I was contacted by a friend. (Yes, even misanthropic old SilverTiger has managed to accumulate the odd friend…) He was worried because he had not heard from me for a while and, on looking at my blog, had seen that the latest entry apparently dated back to a couple of months before. It looked as though I had slipped quietly from the scene…

I was able to reassure my friend that I was still alive and reasonably well. I explained that we had made so many trips and visits in recent months that I had fallen seriously behind in writing them up. I was doing my best to catch up and was in fact posting regularly. This might not be obvious because I always give my blog posts the date on which the events described took place, not the date of posting. This is why it might seem, at a casual glance, that I have not posted anything recently.

At this moment, I am still writing up the last days of the month of May which were filled with our trip to Liverpool. That means I still have two months or so to catch up. If and when I do manage to bring the blog up to date, I shall probably delete this post as it will no longer serve any useful purpose.

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About SilverTiger

I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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6 Responses to Trying to catch up

  1. WOL says:

    I read your blog through Firefox’s NewsFox app. I pull up the app and have it poll the blogs I follow to show if any have new posts. If you have put up a new post, the app will show that and I can read it through the app. I figured you were “predating” your posts to the day of the actual event, since it’s clear your blog is intended to be a kind of trip diary.

    • SilverTiger says:

      Yes, if you use an RSS reader, it will display new posts as they appear, whatever the nominal date on them. My friend, however, simply viewed my blog in his Web browser and thought the posts were two months old.

  2. Anna says:

    I am still reading your blog, mine comes up in my yahoo email and then I click on ones I wish to read, I don’t always comment, but I read them and enjoy, catch up when you can, glad you are well as can be, xx 😊

    • SilverTiger says:

      Subscribing by email is certainly one way to make sure of not missing a post. According to my blog’s statistics I have 475 subscribers but I know that many of these are dead accounts. How many people are actually reading via email is impossible to know.

  3. Jenn says:

    Looking forward to seeing your updates

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