Some street art in Croydon

Saturday, April 15th 2017

Among the many attractions of Croydon is the extensive areas given over to street art. We visit Croydon regularly to see what is new in the art of the street painter. Today’s expedition was one such catch-up session.

Park Hill Park and Recreation Ground
Park Hill Park and Recreation Ground

The first thing we did, however, was to take a walk in the park. To be precise, we visited the Park Hill Park and Recreation Ground.

Trees in Flower in Park Hill Park
Trees in Flower in Park Hill Park

I was quite impressed with it, finding it well laid out and impeccably kept. There were flower beds in bloom and trees in blossom adding welcome colour to what was unfortunately a grey and rather chilly day. Park facilities include a netball and basketball court and tennis courts with changing rooms and public toilets. There is even an open-air cafe.

Park Hill Water Tower
Park Hill Water Tower

Among the cited attractions of the park is the water tower, with its curious central turret. It was built in 1867 and is Grade II listed. It fell out of use in the 1920s, I think, and there may be uncertainty as to its future. You need special permission to visit it.

The self-powered skateboarder
The self-powered skateboarder

Another item of interest in the park was this colourful character travelling round and round it on what appeared to be a self-powered skateboard.

Croydon Town Hall
Croydon Town Hall

Moving on from the park, we had this rather fine view of the Victorian Town Hall, becomingly framed by greenery. I had already photographed the building close-up (see Rambling around Croydon and Morden) but I found this glimpse of it particularly charming.

And so to the street art. What follows is my own selection and not intended as anything approaching a complete catalogue. I will acknowledge the artists but not go into details of location. The artists’ names are linked to my evolving page, Street Artists, if entries exist for them. For best effect, click to see a larger version of each picture.

Art by Samer

Art by Sr. X
Sr. X

Art by Woskerski

Art by Giusi Tomasello
Giusi Tomasello

Art by Olivier Roubieu
Olivier Roubieu

Art by Airborne Mark
Airborne Mark

Art by Ali Hamish
Ali Hamish

Art by Dreph

Art by Carleen de Sözer
Carleen de Sözer

Art by Autone

Art by Samer

Art by JXC

There is plenty of scope for street art in Croydon and many shops have also commissioned paintings for their shutters and shop fronts. While the latter works are likely to be fairly long lived, the art elsewhere in the streets changes continually, making Croydon a rewarding district to return to again and again.

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