Snowflakes in Highgate

Saturday, February 11th 2017

It was cold again today and this made us sluggish. According to the weather app on my iPhone, temperatures would range between 2° and 4° Centigrade but that it “feels like -2°”. There was certainly a freezing bite in the air.

Tigger proposed that, rather than wandering about in the open, we should make an indoor visit and proposed the Brent Cross Shopping Centre, as we have not been there for a while. And we still haven’t, because we didn’t actually get there…

To travel to Brent Cross we would take te 214 bus to Highgate and change there to a number 10. We completed the first part of the journey and got off the bus in South Grove in Highgate. Conditions justified the “feels like” reading on my phone: it was beginning to snow. We had thought of having breakfast in Highgate (though by now the designation “brunch” would seem more appropriate) and hurried into the nearby branch of Café Rouge. Service was somewhat desultory but we didn’t mind too much as we were at least in the warm.

Brunch over, we set forth again. By now both of us were feeling rather less  keen on an extended outing but to temporize thought we’d visit the gallery of the Highgate Literary and Scientific Institution whose premises are just a few doors down from the cafe. They were holding an exhibition of art entitled Paintings from Soviet Russia 1950-1980.

The exhibition was “interesting” rather than anything else. With few exceptions, I found the paintings rather wooden and uninspiring. This was perhaps owing to a self-conscious desire to conform to a pre-determined style and technique rather than to a lack of artistic talent (though I definitely thought to detect a lack of talent in one or two paintings). Others, of course, might disagree with my assessment.

Emerging once more into the cold, with the falling snowflakes adding, if picturesquely, to our dampened spirits, we decided to give up our ideas of visiting Brent Cross – after all, not the most thrilling  of destinations at the best of times – and take the 214 back to the Angel.

At the bus stop, I realized I had not taken any photos of our outing.

“I can’t be bothered to get my camera out,” said I. “I’ll just take a quick snap with my phone.”

View with cyclist
View with cyclist
South Grove, Highgate

And so I did. Barely had I clicked the shutter release when the bus appeared and we hurried aboard out of the cold.

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I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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