Seven from Brick Lane

Monday, March 21st 2016

On the way home from work today we stopped off in Brick Lane to see whether we could spot any new street art. I “bagged” 7 specimens though some of them are not all that new. Still, a good painting is a good painting however young or old it is. Not all of these are in Brick Lane itself but all come from the general area. (I didn’t have my geotagger switched on so cannot be precise about locations.)

Art by Low Tech Designs
Low Tech Designs

Low Tech Designs is a team of artists who, according to the blurb on their Website, direct their art at young people. No quite sure what that implies…

Art by Thisone

This intricately represented monochrome owl is by Thisone.

Art by Mr Cenz
Mr Cenz

The palette and the style of this piece show it to be unmistakeably the work of Mr Cenz.

Art by Jimmyc

This family portrait by Jimmyc is now nearly a year old. I have already photographed it but I don’t remember when. What I did not know at that point was that the picture, commissioned by the cafe Joe’s Kid, shows the present owner when she was a child, being held by her grandfather.

Art by Artista and Tizer
Artista and Tizer

The old pub car park off Brick Lane was full of cars. That’s its purpose, of course, so we can’t grumble even if it makes it hard to photograph the art. These two paintings are by Artista (left) and Tizer. Tizer’s has been here for quie a while but Artista’s is fairly recent, I think.

Art by Dale Grimshaw
Dale Grimshaw

This large work adorns the façade of a building and an adjoining wall. Dale Grimshaw often portrays Papua New Guinea tribesmen, perhaps because of their colourful and dramatic appearance. I photographed another example a while ago in Camden Lock.

Art by Lovepusher and El Jerrino
Lovepusher and El Jerrino

Another large-scale production, this was created as a collaboration between two artists, Lovepusher and El Jerrino. If I had to guess who did what I would say that Lovepusher did the lettering and Ej Jerrino the figurative art.

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I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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One Response to Seven from Brick Lane

  1. WOL says:

    A nice collection. The one by Mr. Cenz is quite an eyecatcher. Your street art gleanings are always interesting for their varied subject matter and vivid colors. My town has nothing like it, alas.

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