Shoreditch catch-up

Tuesday, February 16th 2016

At this time of year, weather conditions can vary from good to miserable and so, when the conditions are good, we should make the most of them. This evening was a case in point: sunny with bright sky and good light for viewing paintings. Ideal for catching up in Shoreditch.

Here are a few street paintings, chosen more or less by chance as we traced an erratic path through the district in the time available. As usual, I have named the artists where I know them, otherwise I have left a blank.

Art by Furia Ack
Artist: Furia ACK

This striking monchrome portrait is by Furia ACK whose Web site is here. Facebookers might also like this link.

Art by Dan Kitchener
Artist: Dan Kitchener aka Dank

This rainy, evening cityscape is unmistakeably by Dan Kitchener, aka Dank. Such scenes obviously captivate him and examples can be seen in several of the world’s main cities. Dan’s reputation has led to many commissions at home and abroad. Artist’s Web page here.

At work on the Shoreditch Art Wall
At work on the Shoreditch Art Wall 2
At work on the Shoreditch Art Wall
Click for larger version

We chanced on the Shoreditch Art Wall while work was in progress. (My photostitcher didn’t manage to add the rightmost end to the picture so I have had to display it separately. See Update.) This ‘paint jam’ was organized by London Calling Blog and five artists took part (see the link for details).

In the middle, you can see a predominantly yellow painting and the artist bending down charging a long-handled paint brush. That is Seeds One, with whom I had a quick chat about the project. He is a member of an artists’ team called, appropriately enough, Drips + Runs.

Art by #loveisfree
Artist: #loveisfree

This piece, reading like a manual on love, is by #loveisfree. You will find more examples on the artist’s Instagram page.

Art by Argiris Ser
Art by Argiris Ser
Artist: Argiris Ser

We went to the bus stop in front of the car wash in Great Eastern Street. Opposite was this large-scale piece by Argiris Ser. Photographing the painting from across the street captures the whole in correct perspective but the view is unfortunately obstructed by street furniture. I went across the road and took several pictures, meaning to join them together and eliminate the obstacles. However, because I had to go very close to the painting to avoid the objects, there is inevitably some distortion in the composite. It does at least allow you to see all the details. More on Argiris Ser here.

Update 25/02/16

Here is a view of the finished work taken on Saturday (20/02/16). When Tigger passed this way on Monday morning, she found the wall already whitewashed and a new project, probably commercial, in train.

Collaborative work, Shoreditch Art Wall
Click for a larger view

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  1. WOL says:

    Nice and colorful on a late winter’s day.

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