Eve of departure

Thursday, August 27th 2015

We have done a lot of travelling over the last few months with some more to come in the next couple of weeks. Last Saturday we spent the day in Deal, in Kent, and on Tuesday, paid a visit to a fine museum and art gallery in the ancient university city of Cambridge. Tomorrow, we board the Eurostar for a trip to… somewhere I’ll tell you about later! In fact, we are visiting two locations in two different countries.

Apart from anything else, this busy out-and-aboutness has meant that I have fallen seriously behind in keeping the blog up to date and there is a backlog for me to dissolve as best I can in the coming weeks and months. In fact, I am not sure that I will manage to cover everything and that I will not have to discreetly set aside some of our outings. We will see.

As you may know if you have paid more than a cursory glance at the blog, since 2005, I have been living in the intriguing and ever fascinating borough of Islington with my beloved partner Tigger. Many of my blog posts have been about Islington and one could easily devote an entire blog to this borough and its inhabitants. In fact, someone has. It is called Islington Faces Blog, and provides fascinating portraits of people who live, work and carry out their various activities in this historic borough. Islington Faces Blog has with permission kindly republished one of my posts, together with a bit of blah about me. For what it’s worth, you will find it here.

In times past, today would have been the day when Freya and I would have taken the bus and train to Chingford, where I would have left her at the cattery. Neither of us would have enjoyed it much and would have been looking forward to her happy return home after the trip. I no longer need to make the Chingford run but today’s circumstances recall them and my thoughts are very much on Freya and our times together. She is loved and missed and always will be.

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About SilverTiger

I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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12 Responses to Eve of departure

  1. Shannon says:

    I was so sad to read about the loss of your beautiful Freya. (I may be somewhat biased towards the “elegant tabby suit” and the big yellow eyes). I’m glad that she ended up in a happy, loving home, and I’m sure she was, too. 🙂

    Safe travels to you and Tigger. I look forward to reading about your adventures – whenever you find the time to post them.

    • SilverTiger says:

      Thanks. Yes, it is a sad loss and I will feel it again when we return to London and I don’t go to fetch Freya home from the cattery.

      This is a double trip so it will be a while before I manage to catch up with myself.

      • Shannon says:

        Well, try not to fret about catching up, that usually makes me feel like my blog is a chore I’m meant to be doing. I just wanted you to know that I appreciate reading what you share, when you share it. 🙂

        I understand what you mean about feeling the loss when you don’t go pick her up. It’s been over twelve years since I had to say goodbye to my first cat, but it’s like you said: always loved and missed.

  2. WOL says:

    You and Freya were fortunate to have found each other. You each enriched the other’s life in so many important ways. Safe Journey.

  3. “First comes life and then, all being well, a happy echo of it on the blog.” Perfectly said.
    Enjoy your trip.
    Comfortable routines are difficult when broken – just this morning I was sorting things getting ready for a visit by The German a dog we fostered and still host sometimes instead of her going to a kennel where she doesn’t do well. For a long time she was accompanied by her cat companion Olde Tiger who became very ancient and fragile after so many years. We still have her bowls and carrying case – and sometimes hear her padding down the hall or reaching for a pet and it’s been a couple of years now. Companions make such a lasting impression on a home.
    Safe travels and may wondrous adventures greet you and Tigger
    (Will hop over to read that post…)

  4. anagramelody says:

    It’s late, but Natitudinal Felicitations for yesterday! 🙂

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