Freya is unwell

Friday, May 29th 2015

I have just returned from the vet’s where I have had to leave Freya for, I hope, a short while. The reason is that she is unwell but we don’t know what is wrong.

Since her thyroid operation, Freya’s health has greatly improved (see here and click links for the whole story). She has put on weight and her coat has become more lustrous. She seemed cheerful and contented. Her appetite, supposedly one of the indicators of thyroid problems (high intake but loss of weight) did not decline: she emptied her food bowl at every meal.

A few weeks ago, her appetite suddenly declined. I ran round the shops trying to find foods to tempt her, all to no avail. Then, just as suddenly, she was back to normal, eating everything put in front of her. She has done this occasionally before but I thought nothing of it, considering it just a passing phase, perhaps due to an upset stomach. A  couple of weeks ago, her appetite plummeted again. She was eating barely anything, not even her most favourite paté. She also seemed listless and out of spirits.

Last Tuesday (May 26th), I took her to the vet and explained the situation. He examined her and could find nothing obviously wrong. He prescribed pills which are supposed to stimulate the appetite and told us to come back next Tuesday.

I have never been able to give Freya medicine’s by mouth. She fights back and even vets, gung ho at first when I tell them she’s difficult, end up having to sedate her. I therefore tried to get the pills into her by crushing the dose in a small amount of food. You no doubt perceive the flaw in that argument: if she’s not eating, neither is she receiving the medication!

There has been no improvement in her condition since Tuesday. If anything, she seems less well. Occasionally she comes to me and asks for something but I, of course, don’t know what it is she wants. Freya is a rescue cat and I vowed to make her life as happy as I could, to make up for the bad start. When she is ill, I become anxious and stressed and, yes, silly though it may seem, I feel guilty because I am not keeping my side of the bargain.

I phoned the vet’s again first thing this morning and they asked me to bring Freya in for 9 am. It was decided that the only sensible course of action was to take a blood sample for analysis. I knew what would happen. First, they clipped away some fur on Freya’s neck. She objected to this but not too strongly. The vet tapped her throat looking for the vein. Freya grumbled a bit. Then came the insertion of the needle. Freya fought back and growled. The combined efforts of four people were not enough to hold her steady.

The next step was what I expected. I had to sign a consent form for her to be given a sedative to calm her while the blood sample was taken. The sedative was given in my presence and was applied so quickly and expertly that Freya barley reacted to it. I reluctantly left her in their hands on a promise that they would call me in an hour or two.

And that is where we are now: I am at home waiting for the promised phone call and news of what the blood tests reveal.

When I left the vet’s, I was told they would call “in a couple of hours”. The couple of hours came and went, and so did several other couples of hours. I called at 4pm and was told that the blood test showed no result and I that could probably collect Freya at 5:30 but that they would call in half an hour to confirm that.

The expected call came at 4:29 but it was to say that the vet had decided to keep Freya in over the weekend. He wants to dose her with an appetite stimulant. It seems that no real reason for her condition has been found, and nothing resolved. I will phone tomorrow to know how she is and again on Monday.

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12 Responses to Freya is unwell

  1. Snoskred says:

    I will keep a good thought for your Freya. 🙂 and *hugs* to you, I know how hard it can be to leave them at the vets.

  2. For some reason I was thinking about you this morning.
    Oh, my. Poor little thing. The blood test is the only way to know what the thyroid levels are doing. (Deal with it as a person and levels can fluctuate sometimes. Stress doesn’t help)
    I cannot manage pills and cats very well – and they seem to easily discover if you try to hide medication in food – and refuse to eat. What a muddle
    All paws crossed here. WIshing calming and healing thoughts to Freya

  3. Ancient Brit says:

    Fingers, legs, toes, arms and eyes crossed that Freya’s suffering from nothing more serious than an obstinate hairball. Here in LA (technically Glendale) we will be thinking of you all.

  4. Marc-André says:

    Oh no! Hope she will feel better soon. 😦

  5. Mark Elliott says:

    I hope that Freya has been improving since you wrote the post. From personal experience, I know how wrenching it is when a pet is unwell and you are unable to do anything except wait and let the experts do their job.
    Fingers crossed & keep your whiskers up!

  6. WOL says:

    Having recently come out of some dark times and not-good outcomes with my grey girl kitty, I am hoping that this is just a temporary setback and that Freya will bounce back to normal.

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