Anniversary and birthday

Monday, August 27th 2014

Today is August Bank Holiday Monday. As I indicated yesterday, this is a special day for us. It is the day when we celebrate our anniversary. This is what you might call our “official anniversary” because we are no longer sure of the actual date when we met. In any case, what do you mean by “met” and at which stage in a relationship do you decide that this particular day, apart from all others you have shared, is the one to remember each year as The Anniversary? We settled on the August Bank Holiday Monday as a date that was as good as any other and had the advantage of being a day when we were free from work and other commitments. If you are interested to know how we came together, see Anniversary.

The title of today’s post has a second element – “birthday”. But whose is it? Just as we have an official anniversary so Freya, the third member of our trio, has an “official birthday”. We don’t know when she was born and so we include her birthday along with our anniversary celebrations. Freya doesn’t know about anniversaries and birthdays, of course, but she is happy to participate in a few extra cuddles without bothering with reasons.

Breakfast à la Turque

As it is a Bank Holiday, what do you think the weather was doing? Yes, it was raining cats and dogs. This is practically guaranteed for a British Bank Holiday. Notwithstanding, we bravely set forth to find breakfast. Looking at the menus of all the cafes we encountered, we strolled along Upper Street until we arrived at Gallipoli, a Turkish cafe-restaurant. To tell the truth, we had had this establishment in mind all along.

Gallipoli inside

The name Gallipoli may strike some as ominous because of the infamous military campaign conducted there during the First World War which led to a disastrous defeat of the Allies by the Ottoman Empire. However, the name Gallipoli originally derives from the Greek “Καλλίπολις” (Kallipolis), meaning Beautiful City and that is perhaps a better way to think of it.

Gallipoli interior
Gallipoli interior
Click to see a larger version

We chose a Turkish breakfast with Turkish tea and enjoyed the elaborate decor which includes old photos and all kinds of ornaments, including many examples of the nazar boncuğu  to ward off the evil eye. There were also dizzyingly many lamps hanging from the ceiling, some so low that I had to be careful not to knock them with my head!

When we left the cafe, it was still raining and the sky was showing an unpromising appearance. As we had recently been away, we were happy to return home to Freya and spend the rest of the day relaxing indoors.

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2 Responses to Anniversary and birthday

  1. WOL says:

    Delicious food in a restaurant that is not only exceedingly well-lit but free from the evil eye. Wishing you all many happy returns of your bank holiday anniversaries.

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