Another infection

Thursday, November 22nd 2012

On Sunday (see The telescope that never was), I said I thought I might be sickening for something and it turned out that I was right.

I kept busy on Monday and didn’t feel any particular signs of distress but on Tuesday, began to feel very unwell. In the evening we settled down to watch a DVD but I just gave up on it half-way through and went to bed. Lying still with my eyes closed was the least uncomfortable position. During the night I had fever dreams, a sure sign of a raised temperature.

On Wednesday morning I felt a bit better and did a few of my usual activities but, as the day wore on, things went downhill and I felt very ill. The silly thing is that if you asked me how I felt unwell, what exactly was wrong, I wouldn’t have been able to say. There were no obvious symptoms. I just felt very unwell. I went bed early and just lay there with my eyes closed until I at last fell asleep and suffered fever dreams as I had the night before.

Apart from feeling ill, which is already bad enough, there was a further complication. On Tuesday I had received a phone call from UCH telling me that as there had been a cancellation, they could take me in for my operation on December 7th and I would attend a “pre-op” clinic on November 28th. My worry was that if I was ill, they would cancel the operation.

This morning I decided I had to consult the doctor urgently and so I phoned the surgery to make an emergency appointment. I was called for 10.40 but not actually seen until some time after that. The doctor, however, was kind and attentive and confirmed that I was running a temperature. He sent me to the toilet for a urine sample and told me I had a bladder infection, the second in less than a month (see Another A&E adventure).

The doctor prescribed antibiotics and told me to drink 3 litres a day, especially cranberry juice. “The bacteria don’t like it,” he said. I went to the shops to have my prescription dispensed and to buy cranberry juice, then returned home and gratefully got back into bed. I have been promised that I will feel better within 24 hours.

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I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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16 Responses to Another infection

  1. Arrrg! Hope you feel better fast!

  2. Poor you. Get well soon…

  3. Mark Elliott says:

    I hope the cranberries & the antibiotics work & that your op can go ahead on the new date. Stay warm & comfortable.

  4. Brian Barder says:

    What rotten luck! May the cranberry juice quickly work its unfailing magic.

  5. BFG says:

    Hope you feel better soon (most antibiotics take a minimum of 48 hours to be “felt”; you may still have vivid dreams, depending on the kind of antibiotic, and some tummy upset). I’m slightly surprised you weren’t advised earlier to increase your fluid intake and to add cranberry juice to your daily regimen – it used to be a regular suggestion to women who were prone to UTIs (the juice impacts the ability of bacteria to adhere to the vessel walls and form biofilms, among other things). It can be quite hard to maintain even the recommended eight glasses of water a day (where a glass = 8 oz or 235ml) so 3L may make you feel a little water-logged 🙂 My Dad had to drink 9L a day after his kidney op – it helps to flavour the water with something (not alcohol :)).

  6. WOL says:

    Fingers crossed that you get better soonest and sail through your surgery with flying colors. I am so glad that you are less than two weeks away from relief of your “situation.” BTW, cranberry juice can also be served hot. For winter gatherings, I frequently pour a bottle of apple juice, a bottle of cranberry juice, and add enough water to fill my crock pot/slow cooker, add about a cup of lemon juice, some whole cloves and stick cinnamon, simmer for about 12 hours, adding water as necessary, and serve it hot it right out of the crock pot. It’ll stink up a house something fabulous.

    • SilverTiger says:

      Thanks for the good wishes. It’s ironic that when they finally get organized and offer me an opportunity, they choose a moment when I am unwell and this might prove an obstacle.

      Years ago I was given “vin chaud” in France, after which I was violently sick and feverish. I don’t think the hot wine could actually have been the cause but ever since then I have had a dislike of hot spiced fruit drinks.

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