Back… without going away

Our July “staycation” ended yesterday. As we spent the whole of the day in Islington you might think it would be difficult to tell whether we were still on holiday or not, especially as we went to Sainsbury’s in the morning to do our week’s shopping. We decided that it was still holiday and treated it as such.

There was no doubt about today, however. Today is definitely not holiday. The most obvious indication of that is the fact that Tigger went off to work once again this morning, our first parting for nine days!

Fire engines in Upper Street
Fire engines in Upper Street

I had some errands to run and these took me to Upper Street where I soon noticed the presence of fire engines and a crowd of people milling about as if they had been ejected from one of the buildings.

The crisis seems to be over
The crisis seems to be over

The fire engines were drawn up outside the National Westminster Bank but, the relaxed attitude of the fire fighters and the bystanders suggested that whatever had caused the call-out had been dealt with and I had missed the main event. Just my luck.

In the course of the last nine days, we went on visits to several places (nine in fact!), both within the London area and outside it. I will write up these trips, with photos as appropriate, and as I usually do, I will post them retrospectively on their dates, so these posts will appear between July 23rd and July 31st. I will also aggregate them as a page under Travels in the sidebar. The title of the page will be July Staycation 2011.

A horrid fascination - The Shard
A horrid fascination – The Shard

As usual this evening I went down to the Borough to meet Tigger from work. I took yet another photo of the monster they call The Shard, not because I like it but because it exercises a horrid fascination. It is an obscene blot on London’s skyline and the administration that gave permission for it to be built deserves everlasting shame.

Though not born in London, I have lived here for many years and consider myself a Londoner-by-adoption, as someone once kindly put it. Therefore, London and its wellbeing are of as much concern to me as to anyone born and bred in its streets. I deprecate the unholy alliance of money and politics that works to disfigure our city without concern for its character and history and without reference to us whose living environment it is.

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I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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4 Responses to Back… without going away

  1. Chris says:

    Being a non-Londoner, I’m a bit out of touch with things down your way. I had heard of this Shard thing but didn’t realise it was already built. (I’m from Lincolnshire, if it helps: we’re all about twenty years out of date up here.) Anyhow, IMHO (whatever that stands for) the Shard doesn’t appear to have any of the charm or iconic appeal of the Gherkin. I take it you don’t mind the Gherkin quite so much?

    • SilverTiger says:

      The Gherkin has quite a pleasing shape though whether it’s a good shape for a building is a matter of opinion. At least it isn’t a skyscraper like the Heron Tower or the Shard which are much too big for London.

      Strangely, because I have watched it being built, I have a certain affection for the Heron Tower but my rational self says it’s far too big.

      London is being transformed by people who have no consideration for London and its inhabitants and whose motives are profit. Unfortunately, politicians like Boris Johnson have thrown in their lot with them.

  2. Big John says:

    I was born in London and lived and worked there for most of my life, and always enjoyed the ‘character’ of ‘Old London Town’. Now when I visit some other cities in Europe and see how they have retained their ‘character’, I feel that a great opportunity was lost when the ‘concrete and glass’ architects took over. Blimey ! I sound like Prince Charles. 😉

    • SilverTiger says:

      Prince Charles is a buffoon. That doesn’t mean he’s never right and occasionally he is right. Unfortunately, even when he is it doesn’t help because no one takes him seriously.

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