A short intermission

There now follows a short intermission, as they used to say in the old days of the cinema.

On Friday, terribly early in the morning, we are supposed to be departing by Eurostar to what some people consider the European mainland and other people, foreign parts. All being well, we shall return again and I will recount our adventures and show you the photos.

I am writing this now as I am not sure that I will have time to post tomorrow. We have had a difficult few days and tomorrow promises to continue in the same way.

It turned out that I was over-optimistic in thinking that Freya had been restored to full health. After an initial boost to her appetite, she stopped eating again and was very quiet and unresponsive, not at all her usual alert and affectionate self. Since then, her appetite has picked up a little and she is more herself, though still rather quiet and not eating normally.

I felt that I had to call the cattery and tell them this and ask what they thought about it. It would have been wrong just to foist a sick animal on them, quite apart from the unfairness of that for Freya herself. We involved the vet in the discussion and the matter rests as follows. Tomorrow at 9:30am I take Freya to the vet for him to assess her state of health; if he thinks she is in good health, I will then make the journey to Chingford and deposit Freya at the cattery as usual; if, on the other hand, the vet thinks there is cause for concern, I will leave her with him for boarding and observation.

Either way, I shall feel anxious until we return to London and find out how Freya is getting on.

Another problem appeared this evening and concerns our tickets. We have bought a travel and hotel package from a company online. Tickets are not supplied: you have to get these from the ticket machine by entering the booking reference. Because we are leaving early on Friday morning, I thought to go onto the Eurostar Web site and print the tickets from there. I tried several times but each attempt failed with the error message “No booking has been found”. I assume that if the reference doesn’t work on Eurostar’s Web site it won’t work in their ticket machines, either. We will need to sort this out tomorrow.

This is not the happiest start to a trip and we can only hope that things get better. I shall let you know.

Usually, rather than telling you where we are going, I give you a clue. I don’t yet know much about our destination so my clues are probably a little weak and easy to solve. It’s a city in Flanders, the Flemish region of Belgium; it is a World Heritage City, and has been called “the Venice of the North”.

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About SilverTiger

I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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6 Responses to A short intermission

  1. BFG says:

    I hope Freya’s health issue gets identified ASAP and that she’ll get back on form again soon. Our Angel went through a similar period (but with the runs) when she contracted a virus that attacked her pancreas – she spent several days in hospital undergoing intensive vitamin and antibiotic therapy and our vet helped her pull through.

    I also hope your travel problems get resolved, too – that can’t be an easy fix.

    MHR to Tigger for the 25th – is this also a birthday trip for her? 🙂

    We’re now deep in the doo-doo – the eviction went ahead (against the apartment manager’s wishes, but corporate policy dictated the process) and to begin with we were on the streets, driving around with our two cats and a few belongings (two days worth of clothes, cat food and litter) until a friend who’s a hotel manager took pity on us and we’ve been homeless but with a roof over our heads and access to shower and loo for several days as we desperately search for some kind of solution.

    A social worker was assigned to us (my better half is disabled) but he’s been unable to help us materially at all – we’re not old enough (have to be 62 or older, and ideally single), so we are facing a grim future still (we have to be out of our room by next Monday and we’ll be back on the streets in LA again).

    And all of this has been triggered by two bitter and twisted old women who are relatives of my wife (one is a multimillionaire but tells everyone that she’s just barely scraping by on a pension) and who are exacting passive-aggressive retribution for my wife having the temerity to get married and move away from her east coast small town that has no real future… It would be nice if her brother had a backbone and stood up for her but he’s probably just as bad as the women are (no names, no legal action for telling the truth :))

    It’ll make a good story eventually, if we survive – the US is absolutely hopeless at taking care of its citizens when they need help most, and there’s a sizeable proportion of the population who blame people like us for our own misfortunes, regardless of the cause (the recession and long term unemployment), so there is little likelihood that the society will wake up and smell the cooking any time soon. A number of states are actually moving to reduce the little support they give the unemployed (needless to stay this is probably not a Democratic push) which tells you a lot about the way many people think in this neck of the woods.

    There are exceptions of course, and we’re grateful whenever we encounter them (such as our manager friend with a social conscience, and a few select friends who turned up trumps when we needed help).

    But the UK, Western Europe, Oz and Canada can all teach the world’s policeman a thing or two when it comes to taking care of business at home first…

    Wish us luck – we’re going to need it!

    • SilverTiger says:

      We certainly do wish you the best of luck in your terrible situation and thank you for remembering Tigger’s birthday despite your own troubles.

      In comparison with yours, our problems are minor. I phoned about the tickets this morning and was told that tickets sold by our agent don’t print online so we will have to go to the station to get it done. Annoying but reassuring.

      Freya’s medical problems are more worrying, though she ate a good breakfast this morning so there is hope.

  2. WOL says:

    Hope things get sorted out and Freya is OK and you have a good trip.

  3. AEJ says:

    Have a wonderful trip and keep us posted on Freya’s progress.

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