One might almost think it was spring…

Is it wishful thinking or am I right in detecting signs that spring is on the way?

On Thursday as I went about my peregrinations, I found myself removing my scarf as I was uncomfortably warm with it on.

On Friday, two dark red spots appeared on the wall and floor in the bathroom and on closer inspection turned out to be a pair of those dastardly foreign invaders, Harlequin ladybirds.

I took them outside and introduced them to Islington. The rest is up to them…

Tennis in Cartwright Gardens
Tennis in Cartwright Gardens

Today was laundry day and so we hauled our suitcase and shopping trolley to the launderette in Marchmont Street. We had breakfast in a nearby cafe while our smalls and not so smalls were spinning in the machines and – guess what – we actually sat outside on the cafe’s small terrace!

Looking across the road, however, I saw the unmistakeable clincher. Yes! They are playing tennis in Cartwright Gardens!

It must be spring!

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About SilverTiger

I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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8 Responses to One might almost think it was spring…

  1. WOL says:

    I certainly hope so. You folk have had such a cold, snowy winter. You’re about due for some fair days and sunshine.

  2. Big John says:

    ” I found myself removing my scarf as I was uncomfortably warm with it on.” … You devil, you ! … Remember “Ne’er cast a clout etc.”

  3. cbramhall says:

    Today’s bright sun suggested spring hereabouts too. The cold wind had other ideas on the subject though 😉

  4. AEJ says:

    It is definitely spring-time here in North Carolina. This evening we had the first official thunderstorm of 2011. Mina is happy to get the rain (and I’m happy to have a break from watering her).

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