A squirrel and a journey

When I went to meet Tigger in Borough earlier today, I passed in front of a block of flats where they have recently planted some trees or shrubs with stakes to hold them steady. On top of one of the stakes was this fellow:

Squirrel photo 1

A moment later, he started down the pole:

Squirrel photo 2

and I then realized that someone had hung a bag of peanuts on the infant tree:

Squirrel photo 3

So, he would go down and collect a peanut then run back up to the top to eat it or…

Squirrel photo 4

eat it on the ground, which is good too! But…

Squirrel photo 5

eating on top of the pole…

Squirrel photo 5a

is best of all!

Now, what about the journey? Well, on Tuesday last week (January 11th), Tigger got a courier run to Sheffield and, naturally, I wanted to go too. Unfortunately, when we tried to buy train tickets on Monday evening, all the cheap ones had gone. I felt that the price I was offered was just too high so I stayed at home, participating in Tigger’s trip by email and Blackberry instant messenger.

So, when Tigger got another trip to Sheffield for this Friday (tomorrow), I was determined not to miss out. As soon as we knew about it we went for tickets. Rail fares have gone up recently and I didn’t manage to get as good a price as I used to but I decided to take it anyway.

After the mild spell that we enjoyed at the end of last week, the weather has become colder again and if it’s cold in London, I don’t doubt it’s going to be brass monkey weather in Sheffield. So I will be dressing up in full winter gear just to be on the safe side.

I will report on our trip in due course. I am very fond of Sheffield and there is plenty to see and do indoors on a cold day, so we should be able to keep ourselves entertained.

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About SilverTiger

I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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6 Responses to A squirrel and a journey

  1. Catz says:

    Love the squirrel picture! They are delightful to watch.

  2. WOL says:

    The agility of squirrels never ceases to amaze me. Wonder why someone hung a bag of peanuts in such a tiny tree. Is that the white thing with the red ties?

    • SilverTiger says:

      I imagine the donor put the peanuts there for the squirrel as the bag is not positioned conveniently for birds but is just right for our fluffy-tailed friend.

      I think the red thing you mention is a label and the bag of nuts is half-hidden behind it.

  3. AEJ says:

    My great-aunt used to feed the neighborhood squirrels. She would put bags of peanuts in her pockets and walk around to all the “spots” where she routinely left piles of them. She had it down to a science as far as how many get placed in which mound. If she was ever sick, someone had to fill in for her and place just the right amount at all the right spots or she would get very agitated. She also fed the wild kittens, which caused the population to grow and eventually animal control services had to come in and take them all and have them fixed so they wouldn’t keep multiplying. We had many all-black squirrels when we lived in Maryland. I thought they were very interesting to look at since they were so unique.

    • SilverTiger says:

      I can understand how people become hooked on feeding wild animals – it’s one way to express one’s love of them. The problem is that it can lead to over-population and resultant nuisance, so it isn’t necessarily in the animals’ best interest.

      We have black squirrels on the outskirts of London. It must be a mutation that pops up from time to time.

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