The snow lingers

I went out today for the first time since Friday, sluggard that I am. I needed to replenish my store of coffee and walked along Upper Street to Carluccio’s, as I like their ground coffee.

Remains of snow in Upper Street
Remains of snow in Upper Street

I was unsure what the footing would be like and took with me some shoes chains that my son had sent me. These neat devices fit onto your shoe with a retaining rubber band and can easily be attached and detached. In the event, I did not need them as the pavements along the main roads were virtually clear, leaving only a few strips of dirty snow along the kerb.

More snow in the back streets
More snow in the back streets

Off the beaten track, however, where there is less traffic and the grit lorries do not pass, it is a different story. The ground was quite slippery here and shoe chains would have been useful if I had continued.

St Mary's Church Garden
St Mary’s Church Garden

Instead, I stepped aside into St Mary’s Church Garden, where the snow still lay relatively undisturbed though there were signs that people had tried to make snowmen or oversized snowballs.

Oversized snowball
Oversized snowball

I walked along a nearly snow-free street to Islington Green which, like St Mary’s Garden was also still thick with snow and empty of the people who usually sit here.

Islington Green, still thick with snow
Islington Green, still thick with snow

Meanwhile, I hear that there have been long queues at St Pancras, curling right around that very large building, as anxious travellers, unable to fly, have been trying to travel by Eurostar instead.

When Tigger returned from work later, she told me it was snowing again. We’ll have to wait and see what tomorrow brings.

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I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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6 Responses to The snow lingers

  1. AEJ says:

    Travel-wise I’m sure it’s no fun, but it sure is beautiful. We will be driving in it this weekend. Hopefully we live to tell the tale. Happy holidays!

  2. WOL says:

    The flight my bro was supposed to leave on was cancelled due to weather and they were supposed to leave the 21st. Don’t know if they got far. Hope they aren’t stranded somewhere as so many are. Safe trip to all.

  3. Ed says:

    On a French radio channel I heard a journalist say that “queuing was happening in quiet and good conditions at the Gare du Nord in Paris, as it was being organised and controlled by English people” ! Aren’t you proud ?

    • SilverTiger says:

      That reminds me of the difficulties we had at the Gare du Nord when there was yet another problem with the Eurostar.

      I would guess that most of the people queueing are Brits trying to get back to London who therefore queue in the British manner. After all, I can’t imagine French people allowing themselves to be “organised and controlled by English people”, can you? 😉

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