I stayed at home

Tigger went on a courier run to Liverpool today but I was not able to go. We only learned about it yesterday and by the time we got to the ticket office, only expensive tickets were left. Also, I needed to deal urgently with some business that had cropped up so, all in all, it was better for me to stay in London.

Standing guard over old tombstones
Standing guard over old tombstones

Fortunately, a phone call sorted out my minor panic, but I needed to send a letter which I decided ought to be sent “signed-for”. So off I went to the Post Office in Upper Street. The day was cold but sunny with a clear blue sky, so I went for a walk after my visit to the Post Office.

Another presides over the remaining tombs
Another presides over the remaining tombs

Opposite the Post Office is St Mary’s Church and while I am not fond of religion, the church garden seemed worth a visit. For one thing, it has some lovely old trees. One of these stands guard over some of the old tombstones now placed along the wall, while another, the largest, presides over the remaining tombs.

St Mary's surviving tower is Georgian
St Mary’s surviving tower is Georgian

There has been a church on this site from at least Norman times. St Mary’s tower is all that remains of the Georgian church built in 1751-54. It was the first church in London to be bombed in WWII and was rebuilt in the 1950s, incorporating the surviving tower.

The graveyard has become a beautiful public garden
The graveyard has become a beautiful public garden

The graveyard of what was then Islington parish church, was enlarged in 1793 and then, 92 years later, was converted into a beautiful public garden. Most of the gravestones have been stacked against the perimeter wall but some tombs remain as a reminder of the original purpose. Time has weathered them so that their inscriptions cannot now be read.

Drinking fountain with lion's head
Drinking fountain with lion’s head

In the garden is a decorative drinking fountain (beside which someone has put a water bowl for the many dogs that people walk there). Though it looks old, the inscription says that it was donated by the Brewers’ Company in 2001. I suppose it could still be an antique, as a closer look at the lion’s head suggests.

The fountain's lion's head
The fountain’s lion’s head

There is also this pretty bed of pansies, their colours enhanced by the autumn leaves that have fallen in among them. They were in a shaded part of the garden which dims their colours a little.

Pansies, St Mary's Church Garden
Pansies, St Mary’s Church Garden

Just outside the church garden is the Little Angel Theatre. I have never been to a performance. Perhaps one day.

The Little Angel Theatre
The Little Angel Theatre

I thought of visiting the bookshop on Islington Green so I walked on down there. I saw a flock of pigeons on the Green and there must have been some food in the grass because every time one of the birds started eating, the other pounced on him in a feeding frenzy. When this happened, they were just a blur.

Pigeon feeding frenzy
Pigeon feeding frenzy

After visiting the bookshop, which was already in Christmas mode, I decided to go home for lunch. Tigger was keeping me informed of her progress and sending me pictures of things she was seeing.

She also forwarded me an email saying that there was another courier run in the offing. This would be on Monday and, all being well, I shall be able to go on this one!

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I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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4 Responses to I stayed at home

  1. WOL says:

    The water fountain might have been “repurposed” from a place where it had to be removed. The bit about you and Tigger keeping in touch and her sending you pictures made me smile. I rejoice that you have each other.

    • SilverTiger says:

      Yes, I think it likely that the drinking fountain was originally somewhere else. I should have examined it more carefully as there might have been a clue. I will do so next time I am there.

      Yes, it’s nice to be in touch when we aren’t together. And then to be together… 🙂

  2. AEJ says:

    The blur of the wings make the pigeons look like a big, beautiful flower.

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