I lost it… but found it again

The new phone arrived at 11:20 am. Tigger, who has experience of the executives at her workplace receiving replacement phones on a daily basis, had warned me that the new phone would not have a back on it, so I carefully kept the old one. It turned out she was right.

I signed-and-printed-thank-you-sir and went back indoors to start work on recovering as much of the lost data as possible. I at last found out how to cajole the desktop software into downloading and installing a backup of my phone book and calendar from Yahoo.

Then a thought struck me: I used the phone’s spreadsheet application to keep certain financial accounts. Oh no!, I groaned,  These have been lost! Realizing this, I lost it too and sent a IM message to Tigger saying the accounts were irrecoverable.

Also lost was the picture I use for wallpaper on the phone’s main screen. I thought about replacing it and to that end, fired up the desktop software again. Instead of negotiating what I find to be the unfriendly internals of the program, I looked at the phone’s folder tree as displayed by Windows. As I looked, to my surprise I saw some familiar filenames. I thought I really must have lost it as these files couldn’t possibly be there. They were on their way to who knows where with the old phone.

And then came that forehead-slapping moment: any files I make are stored on the data disc, not in the phone’s internal memory. Therefore, since I still had the data disc, I still had the files! Fortunately, I am not a contortionist or I would have given myself a good kick up the derrière.

Having registered the phone as instructed by the Asian lady, I was disappointed to see that I still had no email. I therefore went onto the Orange-Blackberry Web site, hoping to be able to sort things out there. There was indeed a button for changing your “device” but, try as I might, I couldn’t get it to work.

There was nothing for it but to contact Orange. Fortunately, I have the number for the technical division and went straight through. The pleasant young man who answered my call told me that the button doesn’t work and offered to make the change for me. Even as we were talking, my phone started buzzing and the emails came pouring in. Job done!

There is still a lot to do. I have to reregister certain software, download missing applications and undertake the boring business of going through all the settings. Despite the new phone being the same make and model as the old one, there are significant differences in the operating system. Some functions that were buried away have been separated out and things look a little different. This is a nuisance when you are in a hurry and find yourself running up blind alleys but I think most of the changes are an improvement.

More gaps will be filled in during the days to come and normality, or a close approximation, will be restored.

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About SilverTiger

I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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6 Responses to I lost it… but found it again

  1. BFG says:

    My Suspicious-o-Meter started clicking away as I read your post. While I’m pleased that you’re back up and running after a fashion and without too much damage, do you think the problem might have been caused by Blackberry trying to download a patch to the OS directly to the phone, and screwing it up in the process?

    We’ve had that happen here with our cable TV’s DVR – from time to time Time Warner update the OS on the DVR (which is Linux based) by sending patches during the night. We’ve even been watching a movie when that’s happened – quite annoying, as it can take hours to complete the process.

    More than once we’ve been left with an unworkable DVR that refuses to respond to the remote. Having been through the process more than once, we now know that we have to reset the system and wait for it to either revert to the previous unpatched OS, redo the installation and hopefully get it right this time, or download another copy (either uncorrupted or repatched) and go through the process all over again.

    Only once did the update seriously screw the DVR so badly (which is built into the tuner) that they had to send out a completely new replacement unit. The CSR even admitted that many subscribers in southern California had been similarly affected, which must have cost them a small fortune, even if they were able to refurbish the software-damaged units and re-issue them.

    Isn’t modern technology wonderful? 🙂

    • SilverTiger says:

      I suppose it’s possible though I have never experienced such an update to the phone happening unbidden.

      Whenever I connect either phone to the desktop software, it informs me that there are updates available and asks whether it should install them. I always deny access on the principle that “If it ain’t broke, don’t mend it.” I did once agree and despite the update running for literally hours, it never completed and when I eventually broke it off, nothing on the phone seemed to have changed. All the more reason for not accepting updates unless there is a specific problem to be solved.

  2. AEJ says:

    I’m glad you’re back in business!

    And BFG, good ol’ Time Warner is equal opportunity as far as messing up DVRs — even over here on the other coast!

  3. Catz says:

    Yikes! You’ve had a nasty couple of days! Hope things are turning around now.

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