Washed air and sky

Today was another day of sunshine alternating with showers. I had an errand to run in Amwell Street and waited until the sun came out.

Terrace, Amwell Street
Terrace, Amwell Street

I was surprised by how clear the air and sky were, as if the rain had washed them. Everything shone with a new, clean beauty.

Empty bird cage
Empty bird cage

My eye was caught by this shop in Amwell Street, a fairly recent arrival. Its Website describes it as a supplier of antique country furniture. This bird cage, which was really what caught my eye, is presumably an antique. I was glad to see that it was untenanted and I hope it remains so.

Claremont Square
Claremont Square

In this photo looking down Claremont Square, you can perhaps get some idea of how clear the sky was, the clouds looking like sculptures of chalk.

In my post In the cafe on July 22nd, I recounted a visit to Polo 24-Hour Bar in Bishopsgate. Then, it looked like this.

Polo 24-Hour Bar - before
Polo 24-Hour Bar – before

We called in there this evening on the way home from work. They have refurbished it and now it looks like this. A complete transformation.

Polo 24-Hour Bar - after
Polo 24-Hour Bar – after

Much as I dislike the rain and having to dodge the showers, I almost hope this weather continues because in the sunny intervals, everything looks so clear, clean and beautiful that you want to photograph every scene.

There is another shop in Amwell Street that I keep an eye on. It used to be an antiques shop but these days it specializes in art, in particular, the paintings of Chris Burns. Yesterday I saw this work in the window.

Thin 'River Street' Cat
Thin ‘River Street’ Cat

I find these paintings rather strange and I often can’t see what they represent. I recognized this one as a cat (the exact title is “THIN ‘River Street’ CAT”) which, I suppose, is some sort of progress.

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I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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2 Responses to Washed air and sky

  1. AEJ says:

    The bar re-do looks quite smashing. Maybe they saw you taking photographs before and were embarrassed.

    I envy your ability to walk around a place. Unless you live in downtown, there’s not much walking around here. Places are too far apart from each other. If I were to take pictures as I move through my life, I’d have to constantly stop the car in order to take them. It’s quite depressing.

    • SilverTiger says:

      Because the city is packed with office buildings and thousands of workers commute into town every day to work, there are lots of cafes, sandwich shops and other food outlets providing this workforce with food and refreshment. Even so, a place that remains open 24 hours is still fairly rare. Polo is a small cafe which doesn’t even boast a customer toilet. The main problem before was that the tables were crammed so closely together that larger people like us found it difficult to squeeze into a seat. Accommodation is now easier and more comfortable.

      London is a very large city. I think it measures something like 30 miles across. Except for the central area, it presents as a collection of town centres packed side by side. Polo Bar is in a street called Bishopsgate, in the City (the financial district). Tigger works in Borough, south of the Thames and we live at the Angel, in Islington, North London. We move between these areas by bus or tube. So we can certainly walk around the place but only around a small fraction of it at a time!

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