Parallel worlds

One way home takes us through Liverpool Street station, one of London’s busier changeover points.

Liverpool Street station
Liverpool Street station

One reason why I like going to this station is because there is a very nice Ponti’s cafe there where I can sometimes persuade Tigger to stop off for coffee and pannetoni.

Ponti's at Liverpool Street station
Ponti’s at Liverpool Street station

This cafe has a very pleasant atmosphere and we go there so often that the staff now greet us almost like friends.

Later at home, while we were having supper, Tigger felt something moving along her arm. Can you guess what it was?

Another Tiggy
Another Tiggy
(Phone photo)

I have already talked about spiders sharing our living space with us here and here. I called the first two Tiggy and Tiggy 2 but I have lost count of how many we have seen since then so they all now get called plain Tiggy. Not that they care of course.

This make me think, though. The spider could have no concept of us travelling routinely across what in spider terms would be vast distances just to come home from work. Likewise, of course, I can have no conception of the spider’s life and experience. We really do live in parallel worlds which intersect but do not have anything in common.

I know nothing about this species of spider but they do not seem to spin webs (or our flat would resemble Dracula’s castle by now!) so I do not know what they feed on or how they find it.

Perhaps someone can illuminate the issue for me.

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I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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