A stroll around Bankside

It was another warm day today and Tigger was on the late shift. After work, we felt like a relaxed stroll and betook ourselves to Bankside.

Caffè Nero, Bankside
Caffè Nero, Bankside

We stopped off for coffee at Caffè Nero in the old Pickford’s Wharf. As you might be able to see through the window, the cafe is next to the replica of the Golden Hinde.

Reflections on Bankside
Reflections on Bankside

This photo was taken looking into the cafe window. The photographer is on the right in a red shirt. The combination of cafe interior and exterior world created a slightly surreal effect. You can see the famous Gherkin just above the lamp near the middle of the frame.

The Bishop of Winchester's palace
The Bishop of Winchester’s palace

In the early 1600s, the Bishop of Winchester who owned and ruled much of the land around here, lived in the palace whose once magnificent rose window still remains in place. Sunlight reflecting off nearly windows was mottling the wall.

A section of the Millennium Bridge
A section of the Millennium Bridge

The Millennium Bridge is today a much-used crossing between St Paul’s and the Tate Modern, despite early stability problems that needed expensive modifications. Here, the bridge and the people crossing it are seen in silhouette.

Main hall, Tate Modern
Main hall, Tate Modern

We went into the Tate Modern and looked at a few of the exhibits. Modern art does nothing for me, as I have said before, but the building, the old Bankside power station, is certainly impressive and has been expertly adapted to its new role.

Tate Modern in yellow
Tate Modern in yellow

Can you guess how this yellow picture of the Tate was taken? It wasn’t through a photographic filter. To find the answer you would probably have to go to the Tate Modern and take a look around. There, that’s the clue.

St Paul's seen at evening from Bankside
St Paul’s seen at evening from Bankside

As we moved around the area, the dome of St Paul’s kept popping up. It is a constant presence here, despite it being on the other side of the river. The contrast of the light gave it a slightly ghostly appearance.

The Heron Tower reaching up into the evening sky
The Heron Tower reaching up into
the evening sky

My last photo of the evening was this one of the Heron Tower, taken at the bus stop in Bishopsgate. Over the months we have watched this monster rise from humble beginnings to become the second highest in London. I would like one day to go right to the top and look at London from there. It would surely be an impressive view.

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