Wales 2010 – Day 5

We had a little lie-in this morning because we are on holiday, after all, and because we plan to cover a shorter distance today, at least compared with yesterday’s spin that took us nearly the length of the country and back.

We will be taking the train again today
We will be taking the train
again today

We will be taking the train again today for the second of our train days and plan to go to Tenby. I hope we manage to spend more time there than we did in Barmouth yesterday.

In contrast to the warmth and sunshine that we enjoyed yesterday, today we have grey skies and a chill on the air. Perhaps it will improve later or be better where we are going.

We had a leisurely breakfast at The Bank Statement, then realized we had fallen behind schedule and hurried up the road to the station, wondering whether we would be in time.

The station at Tenby
The station at Tenby or Dinbych-y-Pysgod, if you prefer

Despite our worries, we reached the station with time to spare. We at first thought our train was not in the station and then we spotted it, a single carriage parked some distance from the barrier. We went aboard and found the staff in jovial mood. They told us that there was another train in the platform ahead of us and that we obviously could not leave before that one does. Fortunately, we have no appointments to keep.

The weather at least kept the tourists away
The weather at least kept the tourists away

During the journey it began to rain and some of the windows were letting in water which sprayed out from the corners. Some passengers changed seats. An abortive attempt was made to use toilet tissue to repair the leak.

Site of the West Gate
Site of the West Gate

While Tenby may not appear at its best on a dull and chilly, there is an advantage, namely that it is not packed with tourists.  We had lunch at the Bay Tree Restaurant and then walked around the charming town which is quite familiar to us after our previous stay.

Tenby is a charming town
Tenby is a charming town

We visited the Tenby Museum & Art Gallery ("The only independent museum in Wales") and then went for a walk with views of the bay and the little harbour.

Bay and town
Bay and town

The tide was out, leaving broad stretches of sandy shore. In the harbour, the boats were left high and dry.

In the harbour the boats were left high and dry
In the harbour the boats were left high and dry

The Buccaneer Inn provided coffee and a chance to warm up again.

The Buccaneer Inn
The Buccaneer Inn


After our coffee break, we worked our way slowly back in the direction of the station. As we went, I spotted a jewellery shop and went in for a look. One of my rings has become uncomfortably tight to put on and take off. I suspect the joint must have swelled somewhat. Looking around the shop I was attracted to a ring with a variegated lapis stone in it. I tried it and found it a perfect fit! So I have a new ring as a memento of our trip to Wales.

We went into the market for a quick look but it was closing down by the time we arrived.

Tenby MarketTenby Market

At the station we had a wait of  about 40 minutes but the train eventually came and carried us back to Abertawe.  Despite having had a good breakfast and lunch, we felt a bit peckish and stopped off at Il Padrino for a starter and a pizza. A good end to the day!

Evening sands, Tenby
Evening sands, Tenby

I enjoyed today despite the poor weather and dull light. Yesterday was mainly spent travelling but today we did some walking and exploring. It doesn’t matter that we already know Tenby because it can bear the repetition.

Streets to explore
Streets to explore

It is a attractive town with a magnificent and relatively unspoilt beach. It also has a pretty harbour full of boats, while the views of the sea and coast are breathtaking.

A view from the bridge, Tenby station
A view from the bridge, Tenby station

In summer, Tenby is apt to become crowded with visitors and while that is good for the town’s economy, it can make things a little uncomfortable. At this time of year one arguably sees it at its best, in its natural state, as it were.

A local inhabitant with St Catherine's Island in the background
A local inhabitant with St Catherine’s Island in the background

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