I don’t like goodbyes, but…

I don’t like goodbyes, at least when I am saying goodbye to people I love, but…

This morning I had to put Freya in her cage, ready to send her off to Chingford. The cattery had to collect a cat from the Barbican and offered to pick up Freya as well at reduced cost. That saved me bus and train rides in both directions and was perhaps more comfortable for Freya.

Yes, we are off again tomorrow. We have the hotel booked (not Travelodge) and the train tickets bought. We have two lots of tickets, those for the return journey to where we shall be staying and rail rover tickets to explore the region all around.

I will not be updating my blog until we return in just over a week from now. Then I will start writing up our trip as I usually do.

So where are we going? I usually give a clue to the identity of the place but it is quite difficult in this case as I don’t know of any particular thing that it is famous for that wouldn’t give the game away immediately.

I think the best (and not a very good best) that I can do is to say that it has two names, one that recalls a white bird and the ocean and the other than starts with a word meaning “mouth” (as in the mouth of a river).

In the next few minutes I will be off to meet Tigger to celebrate Omelette Day and then I must start packing. I don’t enjoy packing. Well, it’s not so much the packing as trying to remember what I have forgotten to pack, if you catch my drift. I ought to make a list but can never be bothered.

I don’t like goodbyes, but goodbyes at least bring the possibility of happy reunions and that is something to look forward to.

Update May 11th 2010

Did you follow the clues and discover our destination?

The place has two names, in fact one English and one Welsh. The English name can be found from “white bird” (swan) plus “ocean” (sea): Swansea.

The Welsh name begins with the word for “mouth” – aber – as do many Welsh towns. In this case it was Abertawe because Swansea is sited at the mouth of the river Tawe.

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2 Responses to I don’t like goodbyes, but…

  1. Reluctant Blogger says:

    I hope you have a good trip.

    Am not surprised you were so peeved re the Travelodge email reply. Grrrrhhh! I have had similar troubles with Singapore Airlines. I have always recommended them in the past but they have been appalling – never call back, refuse to put anything in writing. It has taken me about 20 calls to get agreement for a partial refund and I won’t believe it till the money is actually in my account. Appalling since they are profiteering – there is no doubt that my ticket will have been sold on to someone else at an inflated price. Sorry – had to sound off to someone!

    • SilverTiger says:

      I think this sort of poor behaviour is the result of two things: firstly, “big-company-itis”, where the company is so big that it doesn’t feel it has to try anymore; secondly, “call-centre-itis”, where the call centre is staffed by poorly paid, overworked individuals who end up not caring. These people follow a script when you call and use a template for writing emails. If the script or the template doesn’t meet your needs, you are stuffed.

      When you complain and tell them what a rotten job they are doing, it makes you feel better but it makes no difference because your complaint never gets beyond the minions in the call centre or the email centre. Those who could do something about it never see it. They are not interested in seeing it, naturally…

      Airlines and hotel chains famously get their revenue from business clients on expense accounts and these are the people they court. The holiday traveller paying for himself is not worth paying attention to. (They’ll take his money, though.)

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