A stroll on a sunny day

Braunton House

As it was a sunny day, I went for a little stroll around where we live and took some photos. I wasn’t following a theme or a narrative; I simply photographed whatever caught my eye. I present a few of those photos here.

The pigeons were enjoying a banquet
The pigeons were enjoying a banquet

Someone had put food out here for the pigeons and they were enjoying a banquet. They looked very happy in the sunshine gobbling away, except for some of the males who were strutting around displaying and courting the females.

London County County school crest
London County County school crest

The London County Council is long gone but this crest is in remarkably good condition. It appealed to me because of its sheer quality and the lighting effect of the sun.

A view from the bridge
A view from the bridge

This bridge is where Rosebery Avenue (which contains among other interesting venues the Saddlers Wells Theatre) crosses a relatively obscure road called Warner Street. For some reason, the view caught my eye. Perhaps it was the colours and the different textures of the buildings along with the interesting perspective effects.

Stairway to Heaven? Probably not...
Stairway to Heaven? Probably not…

Metal stairways such as fire escapes fascinate me for some reason. When I saw this one in Warner Street painted an appealing shade of blue, I had to take a photo of it.

The Angel of Peace
The Angel of Peace

This is the Angel of Peace on the Finsbury War Memorial in its little garden opposite the Saddlers Wells Theatre. The sculpture was done by Thomas Rudge, who seems to have been involved in the making of several memorials to the First World War, though I can find out nothing else about him. The Borough of Finsbury has ceased to exist, swallowed up by the megaborough of Islington.

Left lady, Finsbury Town Hall Right lady, Finsbury Town Hall
Sculpted ladies on the old Finsbury Town Hall

These two beautiful ladies calmly face all weathers on the old Finsbury Town Hall. The one on the left, with her sickle, seems to represent the fertility of the earth. I don’t know what the one on the right represents, but she has the more interesting face of the two. I feel she must have been based on a real person.

The Word Centre

I was intrigued by this small but classical-looking building in Chadwell Street. Obviously a chapel of some sort, it appeared to have no identifying signs. From close up, however, I could just make out in faint lettering “The Word Centre”. This meant nothing to me and I had to look it up. It was built by the Calvinist Methodists in 1842 and later passed to the Baptists. I have no idea what purpose it serves today.

The frieze at the top comes from Braunton House, built in 1892, as do the decorations below.

Braunton House

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I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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2 Responses to A stroll on a sunny day

  1. The Sheriff says:

    Nice photos….especially nice i think is “View From The Bridge”.
    Oh!Welcome home!

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