An interlude between trips

Cafe Alpino
Cafe Alpino

We returned home yesterday and, as usual, went to the Alpino for breakfast this morning before doing our shopping at Sainsbury’s.

For the first time, I took a laptop with me. Thus I was able to transfer my photos to the computer each evening and geotag them. The hotel advertised Wifi but it didn’t actually work for us, preventing the creation of maps. Fortunately, I was able to save each day’s log and create the maps when I got home and had an Internet connection again.

Usually, the day after our return, I go off to Chingford to fetch Freya home but as we are leaving again on Friday, it seemed best to leave her where she is, rather than bring her home only to take her away again. It seems strange without her.

Our trip to Newquay went well, apart from the weather which did its best to spoil things. The worst day was Thursday when it rained heavily throughout. It was cold too and my red jacket never made it out of the bag.

Let’s hope conditions improve for our next trip.

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I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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6 Responses to An interlude between trips

  1. Villager says:

    I hope the weather improves for you……..yet there is crazy talk of more snow !!!

  2. petrichoric says:

    Lovely pictures. Do you take pictures professionally? The weather over here, thank God, is starting to warm up, and I’ve even got a slight tan! Nonetheless I do sometimes miss the overcast, brooding Scottish skies.

    • SilverTiger says:

      Thanks for the compliment but no, I am just an amateur. My blog has been plagiarized several times, both text and photos being copied, so I now put a copyright notice on the photos.

      Personally, I cannot imagine missing the cold and the rain but I have heard other expats say something similar so – who knows? – perhaps I would after all hanker for for a damp, cold English winter. (You’re kidding, right? – Ed.)

  3. petrichoric says:

    I wish I could take better pictures. I bought a reasonably good beginner’s camera a few yeas ago, but I was, much to my shame, somewhat intimidated by the technical aspect of learning photography (F-stops etc, or whatever the hell you call those things), so I let it slide. However, I really should get back into it, as I do have a good eye, and the pictures I did end up taking were good for a novice.

    As annoying as it is that your blog (both texts and photos) has been plundered by unscrupulous readrers, it’s a compliment in a way – show that you’ve got talent!

    When I was in Scotland, I can’t say I really ever minded the cold and rain that much – even after I’d lived abroad in the US, France and Germany where there were always good summers. I don’t know how I’d fare now if moved back to Scotland permanently, after having being used to 40 degrees celsius in summer, though! Also, I’m a bit of a skinny wench, so my scrawny frame has got very used to being constantly warm. There is, however, something tedious about constant sunshine. I’ve had trouble meeting good, interesting friends here and I do wonder if it’s because the great weather makes people more inclined to be physical and outdoorsy, than intellectual and pensive. The Scots have got many negative characteristics, but I do think we’ve got depth (when we’re not wasted on Buckfast anyway!).

    By the way, thank fuck that you’re still blogging. Hardly *anybody* on my blogroll writes anymore or if they do, it’s very sporadic. It’s a lonely world these days.

    • SilverTiger says:

      Modern cameras take such good pictures in automatic mode that that is the easiest way to start: just point and shoot happily until you feel the need to get more technical. There is plenty of editing software (some of it free) that can be used to correct photos that are too dark, etc.

      I think all blogs have a certain lifetime. They come to an end when people lose interest or when they feel the blog has served their needs. For now I am happy to continue as I enjoy recording our life and the places we visit. It acts as a kind of external memory and picture archive.

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