Newquay 2010 – Day 5

Today we return to London. Our journey starts from Newquay around 1 pm, leaving us time to have a look around the town, which we have not really done this time, being more concerned to go out of town on daily excursions.


We will leave our bags at the hotel and reclaim them just before going to the station. We have checked the times of our trains and find we have to change twice – at Par and at Plymouth – and that we have about 5 minutes to make each change. It should be feasible, as this is a standard route and they probably wait for passengers to cross over. That’s the hope, anyway.

Today is another cold, grey day with occasional bursts of sunshine. We took a stroll in town but as it was still early, nothing was open. This is good from the point of view of photography as there are few people about but it also means there is nowhere to take refuge from the cold.


We went into the first cafe that opened and ordered coffee. They served us instant coffee. I can see no excuse for that.

Around 11 am we went back to the hotel to fetch our bags. Then we settled in the Steam bar of the Great Western Hotel to wait for lunch to start at midday.


After a leisurely lunch, we made our way to the station, only a couple of hundred yards down the road. The shuttle was on time and carried us away, while we took our last glimpses of Newquay through the window.

The change at Par was easy. We walked a few feet across to the neighbouring platform and waited for the Plymouth train to arrive.


The change at Plymouth was similarly easy. The train was already at the next platform and we needed just to walk across to it. We had reserved seats on this train but they were not together. In fact they were in different carriages! We managed to find a pair of seats together so all was well. Now we simply had to settle down and wait out the 3 hours 20 minutes that it takes to reach Paddington.


Ironically, now that we are on the way home, the weather has cleared and we are treated to views of sunlit countryside through the window. If only it had done this 4 days sooner…!

The journey to Paddington was uneventful and the 205 carried us from there back home to the Angel.


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I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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