Sunshine and arachnophilia

I had to go out this morning, first to the post office (more of that another time) and then to have my hair cut. The sun was shining brightly but, for all that, the cold was bitter. Nonetheless, I had to take a few photos because the sunlight made me feel happy.

Sunlit tower in Rosebury Avenue
Sunlit tower in Rosebury Avenue

I like this elegant tower atop its apartment block in Rosebury Avenue. I think this complex of buildings (see the next photo also) originally had some other purpose but today it provides homes.

The Laboratory Building
The Laboratory Building

One of these is the intriguingly name Laboratory Building. Presumably once a laboratory, today it is listed as a block of apartments though I must say the view through the windows looked more like a warehouse or factory than an inhabited building.

Small pub: The Harlequin
Small pub: The Harlequin

The Laboratory is on the corner of Arlington Way which I would say is more a lane than a “way”. It contains some shops and businesses, all of which, like the pub above, are small, as if belonging to a village.

Mount Zion
Mount Zion

Then there is this small church, or ecclesiastical building, which apparently belongs to the Association of Grace Baptist Churches, whatever that is, and is called Mount Zion. Have you noticed that the smaller these god-bothering establishments are, the more resounding their names? Perhaps it is a sort of frog-like self-inflation to appear bigger and more important that they really are.

The  cat in the window
The cat in the window

Of course, I had to stop in front of this small shop, which was attractive in itself but whose attraction was enhanced by the presence of a cat in the window. The cat had a fluffy tail and blue eyes although you can’t see them here as it turned away just as I clicked the shutter. Typical feline, eh?

Small door at the top of the stairs
Small door at the top of the stairs

Even beyond Arlington Way, we had not quite finished with small things. I spied this small door at the top of a flight of steps. I would have to bend down to go through there. It has its own peculiar charm, though, don’t you agree?

It was very cold outside and I was by now in a hurry to get home and make a warming mug of coffee. When I went indoors, I found we had a visitor, abseiling down from my desk lamp.

Abseiling from my desk lamp
Abseiling from my desk lamp

It was another house spider but this time quite a small one. It was very active, though, and after spending some time going up and down on a thread under the lamp, it ran about on the desk top. Here is another view of the spider:

Spider on the desk
Spider on the desk

I have included part of the computer keyboard to give an idea of the size of the spider. I think this must be a tegenaria like Tiggy and Tiggy 2, about whom I wrote previously, though as it is so small, it’s a little hard to be sure.

Looking at just cats and spiders alone, you have to marvel at the variety of life on this small planet of ours. The more we can live in harmony with these other species, the better and the more pleasant life will be.

About SilverTiger

I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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2 Responses to Sunshine and arachnophilia

  1. Darrel says:

    The buildings that you photographed all belonged to Thames Water I believe. I used to live in the newer one in the grounds called The Nautilus Building. On Open House ady the Lab Building opens its doors and it has a fabulous oak lined board room which is a must visit.

    • SilverTiger says:

      Yes, I thought that was the previous owner. Thanks for confirming.

      It looks a pleasant place to live so I hope it was!

      We’ll try to visit the Lab Building, then: thanks for the tip.

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