Some pictures from Saturday

Here are a few more photos from our wanderings of Saturday, what you might call an eclectic selection.

Chinatown prepares
Chinatown prepares

It was still quite early and the shops and restaurants in Chinatown were receiving their deliveries. It was also preparing for the Chinese New Year (Feb. 14th) and the streets were hung with colourful lanterns.

Giant power socket
Giant power socket

After strolling around the Carnaby Street area (these days the whole neighbourhood is referred to as “Carnaby”), we came upon this. Is it the biggest power socket in the world? It’s obviously not real but is strikingly realistic.

St Martin-in-the Fields
St Martin-in-the Fields

We met our friend at Charing Cross station and while there I took the above photo of the recently refurbished church of St Martin-in-the-Fields. I used to like the market stalls in the churchyard but they have now been banished. Here we are looking from the Strand with the station behind us.

Mildred's, business as usual
Mildred’s, business as usual

On the way to the British Museum we stopped for lunch at Mildred’s vegetarian restaurant in Lexington Street. Despite the works outside, it was business as usual and very busy it was too. We had to wait for a table to become free.

The Great Court, British Museum
The Great Court, British Museum

The Great Court of the British Museum is very striking, completely roofed in glass as it is. This is where the Lion of Knidos (see my previous post) resides. Here is another resident.

Young Roman Rider
Young Roman Rider

This young Roman from the 1st century AD is riding out, apparently on a mission to find his trousers. The horse is represented in a very lively way.

Venus Surprised
Venus Surprised

From about the same period comes this sculpture of Venus surprised while at her ablutions. It is thought to be a Roman copy of a Greek original possibly from the 2nd century BC.

We covered quite a lot of ground during the day and it was pleasant to return home and relax with a cup of tea.


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I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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