Back to normal… almost

This morning I found it hard to get out of bed. I can’t say why – I just lacked the energy and “go”. I eventually hauled my carcase from my bed of sloth at 9:01. I will not be able to do this tomorrow for reasons I shall explain later.

Tigger went back to work today. Though not completely restored, her voice is less creaky. She sent me a text en route to say it was snowing again and looked as if the snow might lie. During the morning I looked out and was glad to see that the road was wet, not covered with snow and ice.

Today, Tigger was on the “middle shift”, meaning that she left work after 5 pm. I went to meet her as usual. There was little sign of snow on the main roads. In the photo below we are looking along St John Street (on the right) and City Road (on the left). You might just be able to make out the clock tower which was recently removed and then replaced, refurbished, much to my relief.

Angel Crossroads
Angel Crossroads

I took the tube and emerged at Borough station where I caught the scene below showing the Church of St George the Martyr which tends to dominate this section of Borough High Road. The cyan light near the top right is a lighted panel that changes colour according to the temperature, which is fine if you happen to know what shade corresponds to what number of degrees.

I rather like the ghostly figures flitting across the pedestrian crossing.

St George the Martyr, Borough
St George the Martyr, Borough

Great Suffolk Street belies its resounding name by being quite a short street. It’s main claim to fame is that it contains Eric’s, a small but fine fruit and veg shop. Eric has retired and his son Lee now runs it. It’s an old fashioned shop of a kind that are now all too rare.

Great Suffolk Street
Great Suffolk Street

If looking at the above photo makes your eyes feel funny that’s because there wasn’t enough light for a hand-held shot and there’s a little bit of shake. I took it because there are still Christmas lights in the street and I like them.

Newington Causeway and Southwark Crown Court
Newington Causeway and Southwark Crown Court

Towards the right of the above picture we are looking towards the Elephant and Castle along Newington Causeway, so called because it once ran across a marsh. This is no longer visible unfortunately.

Where you see the trees in the middle of the picture is Southwark Crown Court where various villains are brought to book and from which one even escaped a while ago.

Hire your car or van here
Hire your car or van here

As you can see above, snow still remains in some places but is now wet and no longer poses a threat. Let’s hope it soon disappears altogether. Snow may look pretty in the countryside (though I have my doubts about that) but in town it soon becomes mucky and makes the place look untidy.

On the way home we passed through Liverpool Street station and were tempted to stop off at Ponti’s for coffee and a slice of panettoni. I like Ponti’s, or at least, that branch. There is an Art Deco look to it and in this cold weather they have big heaters that give off a warm orange glow.

Ponti's at Liverpool Street station
Ponti’s at Liverpool Street station

Technically, the above is not a great photo (I took it on my phone to avoid the hostile looks that a camera tends to cause in a station where the “wrong” people are often together!) but I think it conveys something of the warm and comfy feeling of the place.

Why can’t I afford to lie in tomorrow? I will let you know all about that in due course.


About SilverTiger

I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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