Stay-at-home weather

When we eventually made it to the front door yesterday, we found it was bitingly cold with an icy breeze. We went to the Alpino for breakfast and then dragged the shopping trolley along Chapel Market.

A subdued Chapel Market
A subdued Chapel Market

The market itself was running but seemed rather subdued. Not that I blame the stall-holders. I wouldn’t want to spend the day outside in this weather, either.

We decided to do our weekly shop today in case—unlikely, admittedly—Sunday turned out bright and sunny. We would then be free to go out for the day.

Sainsbury’s was fairly busy but I saw none of the panic buying that is being reported in the media. In fact, I would say that, given the day and the time of day, there were less customers than usual. Maybe Londoners are less susceptible to scare stories and media hype.

It was pleasant to return home to the warm and spend the day relaxing with good food and plenty of tea.

This morning was much the same, though I did notice that the compacted snow on the front path was riddled with puddles. Has the thaw started? Maybe it was imagination but it didn’t feel as cold as yesterday, perhaps because the wind had dropped.

After breakfast at the Alpino, we walked along Chapel Market, which looked much the same as yesterday but with even fewer stalls.

“Fancy a coffee?” suggested Tigger.

On the way to Starbucks we popped into Oxfam which was offering a 3-for-2 sale on books. Irresistible! We bought some books, some bookends and some CDs.

Then we went to Starbucks, where we drank coffee and leafed through our new books.

The traffic and the numbers of people in the streets seemed about the usual for a Sunday hereabouts. The Angel is at the confluence of three major arteries – Upper Street, City Road and Pentonville Road – and I think there would have to be a major disaster before you would notice any difference in the traffic flow.

Outside, the light is fading as evening comes on; indoors the new CDs are thrumming in the background and there is an appetising smell of food. Hibernation has its attractions! Tomorrow is another day and another week. The world is still turning.


About SilverTiger

I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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