Omelette Day

Today was my first outing since the snow fell on Tuesday, apart from quick visits to the dustbin. Friday, of course, is Omelette Day and I thought I ought to make the effort to meet Tigger for lunch.

Tigger has been suffering a nasty cold all week but has been going to work despite it, when I am sure many of her colleagues would take it as an excuse to stay at home.

Upper Street
Upper Street

We had been to the Italian delicatessen near us to buy some Italian sweets for the cafe owner’s wife. She is always cheerful and works hard in the cafe so she deserves a treat. She was very pleased with the gift and responded with a bottle of wine! I don’t drink, as you know, but the wine will help liven up the recipes in our slow cooker.

On returning to Angel, I took the above photo of Upper Street, cheerfully lit by the afternoon sun. I then walked along Camden Passage, once an antique hunter’s paradise, where I saw these two cheerful fellows clearing the pavement, perhaps for tomorrow’s antiques market.

Cheerful fellows clearing the pavement
Cheerful fellows clearing the pavement

Although most of the snow and ice has disappeared from the main roads, the side streets still present a wintery appearance.

A side street presenting a wintery appearance
A side street presenting a wintery appearance

There are usually plenty of people in Islington Green when the weather is fine but today it was covered in snow and virtually deserted.

Islington Green, snow covered and deserted
Islington Green, snow covered and deserted

It was good to return home to a warm flat but I did go out again later, down to Borough, to meet Tigger from work. The photo below, taken at the bus stop, shows Newington Causeway with the winter sun setting over the Elephant and Castle. How exotic is that!

Sundown in Borough
Sundown in Borough

About SilverTiger

I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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2 Responses to Omelette Day

  1. Reluctant Blogger says:

    Goodness, it’s amazing how little snow you have! Although it is the same here in the city centre. We are just a mile outside the centre, but up a steep hill and we have piles of the white stuff. It’s looking rather beautiful.

    Glad you managed to get out for your omelette in any case.

    • SilverTiger says:

      In the city the continual movement helps clear the snow from the main roads. There is more in the side streets but still nothing like the snow-bound scenes I see coming from other parts.

      We do have to tread carefully, though, as there are patches of ice, so one must take care.

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