The day after Christmas

Yesterday we stayed in, knowing that nothing much would be open and that there would be nothing much to see under a dour sky. So we relaxed in the warm, made many cups of tea, and ate whenever we felt like it. This is as close as it is possible to come to hibernation for human beings.

This morning we felt it was time to emerge from our warm and comfortable nest. We had two tasks in mind, breakfast and a little light shopping.

A few shops were open and were holding sales, but most other businesses – including cafes – were still closed. We walked along Islington High Street and then Upper Street. Fortunately, the temperature was mild, so much so that I was glad I had not put on my thickest carapace as this would have been far too warm.

The Gallipoli was open
The Gallipoli was open

We at last found a cheering sight – an open cafe! The Gallipoli was open and offering breakfast. The inside was prettily lit and welcoming.

The inside was prettily lit and welcoming
The inside was prettily lit and welcoming

The walls are covered with old photos and other memorabilia of Turkey past and present, with the emphasis on the – to our eyes, exotic – past. We had been here before and I don’t doubt we shall come again.

After breakfast, we returned along an Upper Street that was unusually quiet under a winter sky.

Unusually quiet Upper Street
Unusually quiet Upper Street

We made our way to the N1 Centre where Tigger bought Christmas cards for next year in the sales at Next. We browsed in Butlers and then in Paperchase opposite. The square was dominated by the sad sight of Borders, now permanently closed.

Borders, permanently closed
Borders, permanently closed

We were going to go to Sainsbury’s to do our shopping but it was closed, though presumably not permanently. Never mind, we can try again tomorrow.

Between the clouds we could see patches of blue and the sun was trying to emerge. The angel’s wings in the N1 Centre were limned with pale gold sunlight.

Sun limned Angel's Wings
Sun limned Angel’s Wings

Do the milder temperature and the timid sunlight indicate a change for the better in the weather? We can but hope.

Although there were no market stalls today in Chapel Market, the street was becoming a little more lively by the time we reached it. I topped up my phone in the newsagent’s. Outside, the atmosphere was of  a town waking up again after a long sleep.

About SilverTiger

I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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