Windows Live Writer – problem solved

If I went in for long titles, the title of this post would be “Windows Live Writer problem solved, in spite of the ignorance and incompetence of WLW support”.

You may remember that my problem was that I wanted a version of Windows Live Writer (WLW) with spell-checkers in English and French and that the English version has only English dictionaries.

I contacted support and was told

  1. All versions of WLW are monolingual;
  2. In order to obtain a French spell-checker dictionary I would have to (a) install the French version, (b) save its dictionaries, (c) install the English version and copy the French dictionaries into it.
  3. I pointed out that if I did this I would lose my settings and support did not challenge this suggestion.

Finding no other solution, despite contacts with support and searches of the Web, I today decided to bite the bullet and go through the process that they recommended. The first problem was that when I looked in Add/Remove programs in order to remove English WLW, I could see no reference to Writer. I therefore decided to try installing the French version over it. Guess what I discovered.

When I ran the program, I discovered all my settings intact. (Support either did not to know this would be the case or couldn’t be bothered to tell me.) When I looked at the languages available for spell-checking, I found exactly the same English dictionaries available in the English version of WLW plus a French dictionary. (Thus the assertion that all versions of WLW are monolingual was false information, owing either to ignorance or carelessness.)

I therefore now have what I always wanted – a version of WLW with spell-checking (including “live spell-checking”) in English and French. The fact that this is the French version of the program with everything in French is obviously not a problem to me.

If support had been on the ball and told me this, my problem would have been solved straightaway but instead, I have wasted time emailing support and scouring the Web looking for possible solutions. Are they incompetent or what?

For now, however, I prefer to forget the annoyance and get on with enjoying the fact that I now have my French and English spelling checkers.


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I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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5 Responses to Windows Live Writer – problem solved

  1. Ted Marcus says:

    It’s very common for Windows uninstallers to leave things behind, particularly files and Registry entries for settings and customizations. Over the years those things tend to pile up and slow your system down. In your case, it was beneficial.

    It’s even more common for technical support people to be ignorant and careless. Their “knowledge” may be based entirely on scripts that show up on their screens. And their bosses care more about (and evaluate their performance on) how quickly they can turn around a support call than whether the problem is solved completely or correctly. In MBA-speak, customer support is “outside the value stream,” so it tends to get short shrift, or get outsourced. You’re lucky the people you talked to spoke English.

    But your problem seems to have been solved, and that’s what matters. So you can pause to enjoy the Solstice, and then get on to figuring out the next intractable piece of software!

    • SilverTiger says:

      The final irony was this:

      On one of the Windows Live Web site pages I saw a button to click in order to give my opinion of their support. I thought I would do that, just to help them, you understand.

      The first question was whether I was resident in the USA or elsewhere. When I replied elsewhere, up came a message informing me that they were sorry but that I did not meet the correct criteria to respond to the survey…

      I suppose I ought to complain that they are practising racial discrimination but I can’t be bothered.

  2. Reluctant Blogger says:

    Oh what a rigramol (yikes how do you spell that – is it rigarmole? Oh dear!) Ah I know rigmarole. That’s it. Silly me. See – your WordPress spellchecker helped me out there with its little red lines!)

    What a waste of everyone’s time. I really wish people on helplines and in support and who stand at customer service counters were properly trained. It drives me bonkers on occasions.

    But at least you have what you wanted. You’re smarter than they are, that’s for sure. Presumably I could do the same with the German version if I wished?

    • SilverTiger says:

      I don’t know what dictionaries the German version of WLW. It might well be that it has English and German. To download it you would probably have to find the German site for WLW.

      The only thing about it is that I don’t hold out much hope for any help from WLW support.

  3. Reluctant Blogger says:

    Oh dear, now I have put an apostrophe in “its”. I’m not having a good day with my spelling!

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