My blogs, a run-down

Update: The content of this post is now out of date. I was not able to keep up the French blog through lack of time (it has proved difficult to keep up with just the one!) and the subsidiary blogs have also fallen into disuse. The blog you are reading is the main blog and will continue to be actively maintained.

In my first review of Windows Live Writer, I mentioned that I ran a blog, a companion to this one, on Blogger. One commenter expressed surprise, not having been aware of this other blog. That is not surprising because I don’t think I had mentioned it here before.

On the other hand, readers may be aware of my blog in French, to which a link appears at the top of the sidebar.

As I have just acquired yet another blog, I thought it would be appropriate to draw all of these to your notice and explain the role of each.

When I was first looking at blogs and blogging platforms, I set up a number of blogs under various aliases, just to try out the platforms they were on and to get a feel for blogging in general. These experimental blogs have been discontinued and, where possible, deleted.

When started blogging in earnest, I plumped for WordPress and created the blog that you are now reading. This is my main blog, the one against which all my other blogs are to be measured. This is a record of my life and adventures from the inception date of the blog in August 2006 until now.

Because I had played with a number of blogs, I unfortunately lost the domain name and used tigergrowl instead.

The second blog that I set up was SilverTiger on Blogger. That blog shadows this one fairly closely but doesn’t necessarily contain all the posts that this one does. Why do I have the blog on Blogger? Initially, it was just to try out the platform, something to play with. I updated it in a fairly desultory way and then stopped posting to it for a while. I kept it in order to have a SilverTiger identity under Blogger/Google.

When I comment on other blogs, I like to authenticate my name so that it is clear that it is I and not just any old SilverTiger who is commenting. On WordPress blogs this is easy: as long as I am logged in to WordPress myself, then my comments on other WordPress blogs are authenticated.

On Blogger things are different. You now have the choice of using your Google/Blogger ID or an OpenID, but originally, the only authentication available was your Google/Blogger ID, if you had one. I therefore kept the blog in order to provide that authenticating ID. Now that OpenID is also allowable, it is not so important to have a Google/Blogger ID, but I have decided to keep it on anyway. So I am now updating the Blogger SilverTiger more regularly.

I had been visiting a number of French blogs, both in France and in Quebec and so, in June 2008, I decided to set up a separate WordPress SilverTiger blog all in French. The current SilverTiger blog in French operates under the domain name but there was an earlier version, that has been discontinued. This was for reasons of convenience that I won’t go into.

I am ashamed to admit that I did neglect the French blog for a while but I have now resuscitated it and am updating it retrospectively. The French blog doesn’t necessarily carry analogues of all of the posts on the English blog. Those that it carries may be translations of English posts or new versions or even independent posts.

I have often looked at the Typepad platform but without ever starting a blog there. There were two reasons for this. Firstly, Typepad seems to attract mainly business and professional bloggers and, let’s be frank, snobs. Secondly, you have to pay for space on Typepad and, with excellent platforms like WordPress and Blogger going for free, you’d have to be daft to pay. (Unless, I suppose, you are a business user, a professional or a snob.)

Recently, however, Typepad has started offering free blogs. I nearly spilt my coffee. It’s purportedly a new kind of blog, a quick blog, situated somewhere in between Twitter and Facebook on one hand, and full blogs on the other. I couldn’t resist: I just had to have a go.

Luckily, I already had a Typepad ID (useful for authenticating oneself when commenting on Typepad blogs) and used this to sign up. Somehow, things got a little screwed up and the first blog was a bit like the Cheshire cat: sometimes you could see it and sometimes you couldn’t. Windows Live Writer could see it but insisted it wasn’t “registered”, whatever it meant by that.

When I looked a couple of days later, it seemed to have disappeared altogether, so I tried setting it up again from scratch. This time it worked but I had lost the domain and ended up with instead. You will find it here.

Having got it, I had to decide what to do with it. Yes, I know that’s doing things the wrong way round but there it is. For now I have decided that I will put up short posts with no more than one photo, linked to a main article on this WordPress blog. It will act as a précis or a taster or, if you like, a come-on for this blog. Then again, it may take on a life of its own and evolve, as longer lived blogs tend to do.

Does that all make sense? At least you know what blogs I have and what their roles are. The roles may change, of course, but time will tell.

Here finally, is the current list of SilverTiger blogs:

  • SilverTiger – In English, on WordPress, my main blog
  • SilverTiger – In English, on Blogger, a partial reflection of my main blog
  • SilverTiger en français – In French, on WordPress, related to my main blog but with modified and independent posts
  • SilverTiger – In English, on Typepad, a "brief blog"

The list may be extended in future as I am always looking around for new things to try.


About SilverTiger

I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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4 Responses to My blogs, a run-down

  1. Em² says:

    Thanks for the update and clarification.Always good to try different platforms.I’m quite taken with posterous as a hub for blogging (and bookmarking in the old blog tradition) due to the ability to autopost selectively to various complimentary services but hey the good thing about blogging platforms is they cater for different sensibilities. Wishing you the best in your blogging endeavours.

    • SilverTiger says:

      I hadn’t yet happened upon Posterous, so thanks for the tip. I will take a look at it. A problem with Windows Live Writer (and, I suppose, any editor) is the limited range of platforms that it supports. It probably wouldn’t post to Posterous.

      I’m definitely a blogger “in the old tradition” and look down on Twitter and all these short-attention-span media designed for semi-literate teenagers who have never developed the ability to concentrate on anything for more than 10 seconds at a time.

  2. Reluctant Blogger says:

    I had a look at Typepad after reading this and rather liked it. I did set up a blog there but have no idea what I could put on it or whether I might use it. But at least I have taken the Reluctant Blogger name. Like Em says it is fun to try out new platforms.

    I find Twitter a bit tricky (not enough words and too big – ie no thread to follow) but I might find a use for something in between. I shall give it some thought.

    So thanks.

    I must get back to reading your French posts. It’s good for me (but time-consuming given how bad my French is) but I think I will do so. I will add them back onto my Reader which will be a start.

    • SilverTiger says:

      I like the new Typepad blog because it is suitable for short posts without encouraging the trivia and vacuity of Twitter.

      I too tend to open accounts on new systems in order to grab my SilverTiger name. Then I can consider at my leisure what use, if any, I can put them to!

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