Shopping in the rain

We had a number of things to do today, some more urgent than others. You will not be surprised to hear that the first of these was breakfast. We set off down towards Kings Cross, dragging the skeleton of the shopping trolley as this would come in useful later on.

At Kings Cross, we stopped for breakfast at the cafe across from the old Thameslink Station. We used to come here a lot in the good old days when you could actually take a train to many interesting destinations from this station. Now that all the trains go from St Pancras, we don’t get the chance to come here quite so often.

While we were breakfasting, the skies opened and it rained until there were huge puddles and rivulets in the road and running across the pavement. We tarried, hoping the clouds would blow over but in the end, we had to go out into the rain.

We passed through Kings Cross station, to benefit from the shelter, and crossed to St Pancras. We were heading for the booking office to buy tickets. This was the first of our more urgent tasks as Tigger is off on a courier run tomorrow and I am going to join her.

At the ticket office, a pleasant surprise awaited us. The package has to be delivered to an address in Sheffield but, as we have been to that city several times lately, we thought it would be a good idea to lunch there and then go to Derby, a town we have already visited but not seen for a while. So, in terms of tickets, how do you go from London to Sheffield, then to Derby and finally to London again? We assumed that you would have to buy a single ticket for each of the three legs of the journey.

The pleasant surprise was that ticket regulations have changed, for once to the benefit of the customer. You can now buy a return ticket from London to Sheffield and break your journey as often as you wish. In other words, as long as you stick to the route (London to Sheffield and back), you can visit any other destination along the way. Brilliant, isn’t it? Tigger is going early to make sure that the package is delivered by the deadline and I am going along an hour later when the cheaper prices apply.

Having sorted out tomorrow’s arrangements, the next fairly urgent task was to find a new bed. We had to go to several shops before making up our minds. We wanted a bed under which things could be stored but not one with a mechanism that could go wrong. We finally plumped for a simple metal frame (any other material will get clawed to pieces by Freya) with the traditional four legs, and space underneath for storage. This will have to be delivered, so we will still have to sleep on the mattress on the floor for a while yet.

Finally, we popped along to Argos. Our slow cooker, which is such a boon in winter, has begun to play up. Perhaps one of the heating elements has failed because it doesn’t cook the food through. After several days of eating semi-cooked vegetables and making various unsuccessful attempts to remedy the situation, we have decided that we need to replace the cooker. That’s why we had the trolley with us – to trundle it home on rather than get aching arms carrying it.

We found that Argos was still selling what looked like the same model of cooker and as we had had a couple of years of good use out of the other one, we thought we would buy the same. Unfortunately, having bought it, we realized that it was a smaller model than the one we have, too small for our purposes. We shall have to return it and choose another model.

Still, two out of three (three out of four, if you count breakfast 🙂 ) isn’t bad. We’ve had worse days. (Spending the day waiting for a phone call from Dwell springs to mind.)

While I was writing the above, my phone rang. It was the shop selling us the bed, calling to arrange delivery. They suggested Monday, which is out because we are away on that day, and proposed Tuesday as an alternative which I gladly accepted. How’s that for service? Pretty good, I think.

This evening we shall celebrate by going out to dinner. Breakfast was already a while ago so I am looking forward to it already!


While talking on the phone to the bed people I became confused as to the date. I thought they were delivering the bed the coming Tuesday but have now realized that they meant the following Tuesday, December 1st. So we shall be sleeping on the floor for a while yet.

Still, that’s a fairly typical delivery time for furniture and it would be churlish to grumble. How nice it will be when we finally have a proper bed and one that doesn’t sound as if it is about to collapse under us!


About SilverTiger

I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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