We want to return the bed

After another night of sleeping on what can be described as a mattress stuffed into a box too small for it, I rang Dwell’s customer services this morning. After looking up my customer number, the customer services person said “I’m putting through to him now”. This “him” sounded like the person who had left me the voicemail asking me to arrange delivery of the new set of slats.

I explained that the new replacement unit was useless as the hinges could not be fitted to it. He found that odd because, he asserted, it had come from a bed just like ours. Reading between the lines, I guessed that this bed and the one mentioned later, are beds being returned by customers.

I suggested that perhaps the design had changed and went on to say that we had the original building instructions for the bed so we knew what we were about and that we could therefore say with confidence that this was the wrong component.

He then said that they had another bed coming back and would send the slats from that. I pointed out that whereas before we had been sleeping on a broken bed we now had no bed at all and that there was as yet no sign of a resolution of this situation. (After all, I don’t know when this other bed will reach them and whether its slats will fit our bed.) In view of this, I said, we were now at the stage of thinking that we would rather return the bed and buy another one somewhere else. Could we not do this?

Our man went off to consult someone on this and returned after a while to say that they would have to consult their manager in order to authorize this. They would phone me back during the day.

That’s where things stand at present. I am sitting here with my Artone loopset at the ready, awaiting a call, not knowing when it will come or whether it will come at all. When I do hear from Dwell, I will update this post accordingly.


At 4 pm I had still not received any calls from Dwell so I decided to ring them. I found myself speaking to a customer services woman who insisted on asking me questions that I felt were a waste of time as we had already gone beyond this stage. I repeated that I had been told a manager would phone me and as this hadn’t happened I was now calling myself to ask what was happening.

Finally, she agreed to speak to someone and put me on hold. When she came back it was to say that someone would definitely call me before 6pm. Reluctantly, I accepted this and settled down to wait again.

The next two hours passed without any phone calls. 6pm came and went and I had about given up hope when the phone rang. By then it wast about 6:10. It was the woman I had spoken to earlier. She apologized for calling after the agreed time. She had apparently been delegated to make certain offers to me.

Firstly, she told me, as I had already been told, that another bed was coming in and the slats were sure to fit our bed. I said I was sceptical, given that the present set didn’t fit. All right, then, how would it be if we came and fitted the slats to your bed for you? I asked when that would be. November 29th. I asked if she realized the conditions in which we were sleeping and described these to her graphically. I said it was far too long to wait and she agreed.

All right then, how would it be if they sent someone around who would fit the current slats, drilling new holes as necessary? He would do this by Friday at the latest. I said I was doubtful whether this would work and then came out with my killer argument. There are three square brackets to be attached to the frame to hold the mattress in place. I hadn’t realized this and they had gone away with the old frame. We didn’t have them so they could not be attached by the putative man with a drill.

By now I was feeling that we were getting nowhere. I was very nice about it. I said I felt she was doing a good job explaining my options to me but as a result of these useful discussions, I had become convinced that the only reasonable solution was to return the bed against a refund. She said she understood and “In your place I would do the same.”

By now, the manager had apparently gone home and was not available to sanction a refund. I find that ridiculous. Why did she not speak to me herself but delegate the job to someone who, if I wanted a refund, was unable to authorize it? I will now have to await another phone call tomorrow, letting me know that the refund has been authorized and when the bed will be collected. Another day will have been wasted, along with an opportunity to set things right.

All in all, this has been a rather sorry episode and I don’t think Dwell has dealt with it particularly well. I am prepared to believe we have been unfortunate and that most beds sold by the company are perfectly acceptable. But, as I have often said, you judge a company not on the fact that it makes mistakes but on how well it deals with those mistakes once they come to light. If the bed is removed against a refund within the next few days, I shall be ready to forgive and forget and to look forward to the fun of choosing a new bed from another supplier.


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I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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2 Responses to We want to return the bed

  1. Reluctant Blogger says:

    Oh how wearing this all is. All you want is a bed that performs the function for which it is designed. I hope they ring you back as promised (so many people do not) and that you are able to get a full refund and can find a new bed quickly.

    I had occasion to go to customer services at Morrisons this morning and approached the desk feeling sure I would come away feeling irritated. But the chap was helpful, apologetic and resolved my complaint satisfactorily. I feel I should now write to Head Office to say how fantastic he was (quite an achievement to turn someone feeling very crabby and ready to be disappointed into some feeling very happy with the outcome) because it is flipping unusual these days to get satisfactory customer service.

    Good luck anyway.

    My car problem has been resolved thankfully – not fixed but resolved – but you were right in your assessment of the battle.

    • SilverTiger says:

      It does make a difference when customer services people behave as they should. These days, relatively little attention is given to interpersonal skills with the result that CS personnel often come across as grumpy, unhelpful and even hostile when a little bit more care would produce a better result.

      I hope too to get a response soon as they took a long time to reply before, probably (as I now realize) because they were searching for a replacement part.

      I’m glad you have made progress with your car, at least.

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