A trail of two cities

The Water Feature, Sheaf Square, Sheffield
The Water Feature, Sheaf Square, Sheffield

Omelette Day has come early again this week and for the same reason: we’re off on a courier run tomorrow.

This run is special for two reasons. The first is that we have to deliver not one but two documents and to different cities. The second reason, related to the first, as will become apparent, is that this time I am officially part of the team! I will be getting my expenses paid, something which has happened only once before, when we went to Belgium and I was sent along as Tigger’s interpreter.

The documents to be delivered are still being worked on and will be sent to us tonight, either by motorcycle courier or by taxi. The first document has to be delivered to an address in Sheffield by noon tomorrow and the second to an address in Walsall by 2 pm, also tomorrow.

You can probably see that this calls for some fancy footwork if one person is to complete the job. From looking at the railway timetable we think it can be done but if there is a hitch – a delayed train, for example – things could go awry. For that reason, we decided it would be good to have a backup. Guess who the backup is 🙂

This is the plan: Tigger will set off early to take document number 1 to Sheffield. A little later, I will depart, taking document number 2 to Walsall where I will await news from Tigger and, all being well, Tigger herself. If she can make it to Walsall in good time, Tigger will deliver document number 2 and my role will remain that of the bagman. On the other hand, if it looks as though Tigger will not make it to Walsall in time to beat the deadline, then I will become the courier for document number 2 and deliver it myself.

My reasons for getting involved are, firstly, to help Tigger maintain her 100% success rate on deliveries, and secondly, to avoid a slip-up which could lose the company the chance of a lucrative contract. A good contract helps preserve jobs, including Tigger’s. If we are successful this time, there is a greater chance of my being officially included in future courier runs.

Usually when I accompany Tigger on courier runs, we share the cost of my train ticket (hers is paid for by the company, of course) but this time the expense will be reimbursed. I will also be paid subsistence, so we can afford to find somewhere good for a slap-up lunch! (Is there anywhere good for a slap-up lunch in Walsall…? We’ll find out!)

I have included a picture of Sheffield but, never having been to Walsall before (a treat in store?), I do not have any photos of it yet.


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I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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