Dogs and wharfs

Canary Wharf building from ASDA
Canary Wharf building from ASDA

Today, we went to the dogs, the Isle of Dogs to be precise. We took the bus first to ASDA from where the above photo shows the famous pyramid-topped Canary Wharf building from an unusual angle, quite unlike that of the usual tourist pictures.

A bus ride along Westferry Road then took us to this place. Although this was built as a church and today is Sunday, we had no intention of going to a service.

The Space and the Hubbub cafe
The Space and the Hubbub cafe

Built as a church in about 1860 and closed in 1972, this building is now occupied by The Space, which describes itself as “a multi-arts centre”, and Hubbub, a rather nice cafe. The Space also accommodates a theatre company called SpaceWorks.

Inside Hubbub
Inside Hubbub

Today we were more interested in refreshments than in culture, and found Hubbub a pleasant venue with a friendly atmosphere.

Tidal Thames
The Thames is still tidal here

There has been a lot of building in this area in recent years with blocks of flats and private estates making it hard to to get to the river but we did manage it a little further along from The Space.

As you can see from the sky in the above photo, the weather was alternately sunny and cloudy, threatening rain at times. Fortunately, it remained dry for the duration of our outing.

Friendly inhabitant
Friendly inhabitant

While exploring what was, after all, a private estate, we were accosted by an inhabitant, a very friendly young leopard-spotted cat.

Potters Field and City Hall
Potters Field and City Hall

Our next bus took us to a point on the south bank of the Thames near Tower Bridge. It is a park, open to the public, called Potters Field. One notable feature is that it contains the wonky-looking building that serves as the office complex for the Mayor of London. Officially, this is known as City Hall, but it rejoices in more familiar names, one of them of an anatomical nature (you’ll have to guess!).

Tower Bridge from Potters Field
Tower Bridge from Potters Field

As well as the delights of its gardens, a mixture of trimmed and more natural landscapes, the Field allows views of Tower bridge from an unfamiliar angle.

Sun glinting on the 'Gherkin'
Sun glinting on the “Gherkin”

We spread a blanket on the trimmed grass near the waterside walkway and viewed the scene, now beautifully lit by the sun. In the photo, the sun is glinting on the “Gherkin”. This office complex was built on the site of the old Baltic Exchange, which was so damaged by an IRA bomb in 1993 that it had to be demolished. Officially named “30 St Mary Axe”, the new structure is affectionately called The Gherkin by nearly all Londoners.

Got any chips?
Got any chips? A pigeon hoping for a hand-out

We walked east along the waterside path, full of people enjoying the sunshine and the sights, past St Saviour’s Dock, once a working dock where ships unloaded their cargoes, past the houseboats, into Bermondsey.

St Saviour's Dock no longer receives ships
St Saviour’s Dock no longer receives ships
Some would like to be rid of the houseboats but they survive
Some would like to be rid of the houseboats but they survive

Once a thriving wharf area, Bermondsey’s warehouses have emptied of trade goods and fallen silent. They have found a new life as quaint luxury housing for the affluent.

St Saviour's Wharf now offers luxury accommodation
St Saviour’s Wharf now offers luxury accommodation

We returned to the main road, where I took this photo of St Saviour’s Dock from the street end. Lying on the mud you can see floating gardens. Well, they float when the tide comes in! For the moment, they lie ignominiously in the mud.

St Saviour's Dock from the street
St Saviour’s Dock from the street

Across the road, we waited rather a long time for a number 47 bus but it came eventually and took us to Liverpool Street where we caught a 214 to the Angel and home. Thus ended our Sunday outing.

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I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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2 Responses to Dogs and wharfs

  1. Reluctant Blogger says:

    Beautiful cat! And I love the hand in shot!

    It was a beautiful day yesterday, wasn’t it? Just perfect for strolling and taking photos. I always feel strange when I see the Gherkin on the sky line because I have never lived in London since it was built and it kind of emphasises that I lived there rather longer ago than I tend to think. I’d love to go back but could not afford to do so anymore.

    Great photos as always.

    • SilverTiger says:

      It was indeed a pretty cat and I imagine specially bred to look like that, something I don’t approve of in general because of the danger of genetic weaknesses as happens with dogs. This one seemed healthy and full of beans, though.

      I love London and think it’s a wonderful place. I think if I went elsewhere I would miss it. You could always come down for a weekend or a few days and visit your old haunts, I suppose.

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