A pizza in the park

Whereas Sundays have some sort of pattern, Saturdays are variable feasts. Today revolved around the 2pm appointment that Tigger had with the optician. This meant that we could not go very far.

We started with breakfast in Chapel Market and then went down to Kings Cross to buy train tickets. We have two courier runs next week and for once we have advance warning of them. It makes a pleasant change. Our trips will be on Monday and Wednesday.

As we had to hang around until 2pm we thought we might as well do the shopping, thus leaving tomorrow completely free. If the weather cooperates, we can go somewhere. If not, there are plenty of indoor activities, including staying at home!

After the optician’s we returned home and spent some time relaxing. I installed some software on the computer and Tigger watched a horror film. Around 5pm, our minds turned to thoughts of food. It had been a long time since breakfast!

Al Parco
Al Parco

Where should we go? In the end, we decided to try a restaurant we hadn’t visited for some time. We used to like it a lot but on our last visit we were disappointed with the slow service and had decided to leave it for a while to see if it improved in the meantime. Had we left it long enough?

The restaurant is in Highgate, at the bottom of Parliament Hill Fields. In summer it’s quite pleasant to spend time on the hillside and then go down to enjoy a pizza. The restaurant is called Al Parco. It has become linked to another restaurant next door to it but retains its own character.

Making the pizza
Making the pizza

On summer evenings, these restaurants become very crowded but at this time of year they are quieter. I’m glad to say that the service was quicker this time – in fact, too quick, because they brought the pizzas while we were still eating our starters. Apart from that, the food was good and we have put Al Parco back on our list of good places to go.

There was a definite chill on the air today. I am still resisting getting out my winter coat but I noticed that quite a few people in the streets today were dressed up warmly with scarves and coats. Have we seen the last of the lovely sunshine of the last few weeks? Is winter finally looming?

About SilverTiger

I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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