Bournemouth 2009 – 7

Another fine day. We take the local bus at the stop we call “Ladybird Dell”, where I took this photo of some of the local residents.

Inhabitants of Ladybird Dell
Inhabitants of Ladybird Dell

Our destination today is Shaftesbury. Inevitably, we have to change buses at Poole. We missed the 9:55 by 10 minutes so we have taken the bus to Wimborne, rather that wait the best part of an hour for the Shaftesbury bus. This will mean changing buses but we will see some more countryside and a few more towns.

Wimborne Minster
Wimborne Minster

Unfortunately, we missed a bus to Shaftesbury which was leaving as we arrived and we had an hour and a half to wait for the next one. We filled the time easily by exploring Wimborne and I am sure we didn’t see everything of interest in the old market town.

Astronomical clock
Astronomical clock

At Wimborne we had tea and toasted tea cakes in the Laughing Pot Tea Room and took a few photos, including one of the astronomical clock in the minster.

Tivoli Theatre, Wimborne
Tivoli Theatre, Wimborne

The bus took us through some beautiful countryside and some charming villages, all the prettier for being bathed in a summerlike golden sunshine. We reached Shaftesbury around 1:45 and straightaway looked for lunch.

King Alfred's pretty kitchen
King Alfred’s pretty kitchen

On the square where the bus deposited us, was King Alfred’s Kitchen in a picturesque Tudor building. As they were offering mushroom soup and cauliflower cheese among their wares, we were happy to join them for lunch.

The famous Gold Hill
The famous Gold Hill (featured in the TV Hovis advertisement)

We took a short look around and when we spotted a bus for Salisbury we jumped aboard. Tigger wanted to see the Fovant Badges but unfortunately, it turned out that the bus didn’t go that way.

Remind me in future to avoid travelling on buses between 3pm and 4pm because that’s when they are packed with school children. Understandably, they want to let off energy after being constrained all day but this tends not to be as much fun for the other passengers as it is for the children.

The end of the pier
The end of the pier

At Salisbury we took the X3 back to Bomo and went onto the pier. The rides and shops were closed so the pier was relatively quiet, affording low-sun views of the sea and the coast and of the surfers trying gamely to find wave in the calm swell.

Waiting for the wave
Waiting for the wave

We dropped into the pier bar-cafe for coffee and the view.

After this we went in search of dinner but in the end decided to take the bus to Westbourne and try the third Indian restaurant there. Unfortunately, despite making an extensive tour we failed to find it! So we dined at the Westbourne Tandoori for a second time and then took the 24 bus back to the hotel.

Evening beach
Evening beach

Thus was our last full day in Dorset.


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